Say Goodnight

My recent FB status update:
AG: Mom, I haaaaaate eight o'clock.
Me: I looooove it!!!!
AG: That's mean.
By the way, I got about 60 "likes" from mostly mommas.  Apparently, y'all know the feeling!

For us, staying balanced equals having a consistent bedtime routine.

Unless there are special circumstances, we stick to our eight o'clock lights-out policy.  We've had to get pretty technical, too--no whispering, no getting up, no water, no questions!  I guess that sounds pretty harsh, but our girls are known to push the envelope if given an inch a millimeter.  Before we know it, it's 9:30 and they are still awake.  In turn, we've been forced to become the "bedtime Nazis". By 8 o'clock, we've read a chapter of our book, had tons of kisses and hugs, went potty half a dozen times, brushed teeth, and said our prayers.

My blessings bathed and ready for bed!

AG reading in bed while Edy snoozes.

I know I don't need to say how much we adore our girls, but at 8 o'clock after a long day of child-rearing, it's nice to sit down with Graham in the living room and unwind.

 Up next: I hate the phrase "Me Time"

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