Weekly To-Do List

I shared my weekly to-do list in a previous post and several people have commented or asked me about it.  I didn't realize it would spark so much interest.

Do you really do everything on the list?
Do you print it off each week?
Do you add things to the list?
That's crazy!
You're so funny.  
You make me laugh.
I could never do that.

We are all wired differently. It's what makes us unique.  
Yes, I print this list off every week.  Yes, I try to complete each task.  Yes, I add to the list.  Yes, I mark off things I add to the list...because I'm weird like that.  Yes, I'm crazy. 

In all honestly, I'm completely scatterbrained.  If I don't have a list to go by, I get off course.  The way for me to stay organized and balanced is to keep a list of weekly to-dos so I don't get overloaded. 

And about the weekly activities...
I've compiled a list of activities so my kids don't do the same thing everyday.  It's goofy, but it keeps us from getting in a rut.

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