What's the Baby Up To?

Not gonna lie...Homeschooling is a lot of work (and right now I'm technically only teaching one), but add a baby to the mix and it can get a little crazy.

How do I balance homeschooling along with caring for a baby?
  • stop when needed
  • fit most of our "school" in during Joy's nap time
  • be flexible

Joy enjoys the jumperoo while AG is reading to her.

When I'm nursing, changing a diaper, or just "dealing" with Joy, I give AG handwriting practice or independent practice.  Two-fold:  it forces AG to grow as an independent thinker and gives me a quite break to take care of Joy's needs. 

Joy isn't mobile yet.  It's going to get harder before it gets easier, but this is what I signed-up for, right?  Seriously, though--it's all good.

Up next: Involving the Kids in Meal Prep

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