7 months of Joy

It's hard to believe that our little Joyful has been with us for seven months!  She is growing like a weed and changing everyday.

Joy's stats:
  • sitting up
  • army crawling
  • clicking her tongue
  • sleeping from 8 to 8
  • taking about 3 naps a day
  • nursing 5 times a day
  • we force her to take a few bites of veggies/fruit once a day
  • 18.5lbs and 27in. long (Dr. says she's in the 50th percentile for weight and height, but I'd guess 90th!)
  • loves playing on the floor in her bedroom
  • belly laughs at her sisters
  • won't take a passy
  • won't take a bottle
  • sleeps on her tummy--I gave up fighting with her.
  • sucks on her fingers constantly
 That's one talented little girl!


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  1. What a little cutie! She sure is easy going and happy! Love her and her sisters, Na


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