Christmas Cards Through the Years

Do you like sending and receiving Christmas cards?  I sure do. Each day in December, I enjoy walking to the mailbox in anticipation of the cards from friends and family awaiting me.  We have a tradition of framing our doorway with the cards and this year I've tweaked my display a bit for a little more fun and interest.

For whatever reason, we didn't start sending out cards until AG was born.  It was a pretty pitiful card, but it makes me smile!  Through the years, I've discovered sites that I prefer for getting the best card for the money.  The first three years, I used Wal-Mart. The fourth year, I got a great deal with Shutterfly and used them again the year after that.  Last year, I got the best deal yet through VistaPrint.  


2012 (front)
2012 (back)

In a few days, I'll be linking up our 2013 Christmas Card.  I didn't order as many as I have in the past, so I'll be glad to share it with all of my blog buddies. 

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