My Little Girls' Christmas Tree 2013

I am so excited to tour all the homes in blogland.  It's become one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Let the Christmas home tours begin!

Ahem...not gonna lie--I've had most of my Christmas decor up for about 2 plus weeks!

My girls love this time of year...just like their momma.  For the past three Christmases, they've had a little pink tree with candy/baking ornaments, a few handmade ornaments, and some personal ornaments thrown in here and there.  Their little tree is almost filled to capacity so I'm thinking this will be the pink tree's last year. I've already started thinking about next year and I'm hoping to get a bigger (white) tree with colored lights and passing the little pink one on to Miss Joy (if the lights hold up!).  
My Little Girls' Christmas Tree:

Thankfully, we are much closer to Christmas!

This year, we put the tree on a stool to give it some height.   

I've really let go of the reins and let the girls do most of the decorating.

Christmas cheer!

How cute are my little Christmas elves?

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