Our Christmas [part 1]

This is a good ole' post for the family.  Enjoy y'all!

Since we do a lot of traveling around Chrismas, we celebrated our family Christmas today.  We pretended it was Christmas Eve last night which means Graham and I had our traditional Christmas Eve fight putting stuff together.  I think we finished everything up around 2AM.  Whew!  It was so worth it to see the elated faces of my sweet girls.

AG has begged for a Barbie Dream House and we were thrilled to be able to make her  wish come true.  I'm so thankful for the Black Friday deal--originally $180 and I got it for $110!

Poor Joy didn't get much!  She has SO many hand-me-down toys it's ridiculous!  We got her a little train ball popper!  She's wasn't amused! ;)

Edy made her requests known months and months ago: hair salon and "dark-skin Barbie".  

Up next:  Christmas morning!

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