{random Sunday pic}

{loving my study through the Bible chronologically--just finished Job}
{watching Sister dance}

Castle Fun

Uncle Corey, you outdid yourself.  The girls L-O-V-E the castle...

AG has meticulously colored her chosen spots and has been super supportive of Edy in her scribbling endeavors. (That's really hard for AG and I understand completely.)

The girls call it Shrek and Fiona's Castle.
AG drew Shrek and Fiona on the front door...

...and here are their three little ogre babies.

They've been at it for about an hour and are still going strong.  I'm looking forward to their finished product.

Thanks, Uncle Corey.  What an awesome bday gift for Miss Edy and treat for AG.


Na and Pops come to town

This weekend, Na and Pops came for a visit...

In tow, they brought me a new stove (their old one) and I sold my white one on Craigslist.  I've never sold on Craigslist, but I won't hesitate to do it again.  I've got several 'big ticket' items that we need to get off of our hands.  I posted this stove on Wednesday and it was gone on Friday.  How's that for easy?

{waiting patiently for Na and Pops to pull up)

{more gifts for Edy's birthday}

{KK knows Miss Edy well}

Productive weekend:
  • Truman got my new stove installed and I ordered a new stainless range hood.  
  • We painted my bathroom (last room in the house left to paint).  
  • Truman fixed our toilet that has been driving us crazy.  
  • Graham painted the nursery rocker and bookcase.  
  • Mrs. Renee made two pecan pies. (Got you back, Mrs. Renee) 
  • We had a wonderful steak dinner!
  • I hosted a discipleship group at the house while Graham, Na, Pops, and the girls went to Chuck E. Cheese.
That's my kind of weekend!  Productive, but spent with people we love!  Thanks, Na and Pops.

pregnancy update {25 weeks}

Pregnancy update:  
  • 25 weeks
  • passed glucose test
  • got c-section on the books:  MAY 6th! 
  • trying to get over the fact that the c-section isn't first thing in the morning like I had hoped
  • no surprise:  I'm anemic.
  • a little surprising:  I have lower than normal platelet count. Dr. isn't concerned just yet.
  • never heard of low platelets in pregnancy--have you?
  • gained 10 pounds as of today--yesterday it was 11, but today it is 10. I'm going with 10.
  • Joy is a squirmer.  I love how much she moves.
  • both girls love to feel baby sister move and it is one of the sweetest things to witness
  • more than I remember with the other two, I am longing for her arrival.  I can't wait!  I mean, I want her to cook, but I am really excited about her being in my arms.
  • starting to get going on the nursery

  • G sanded baby bed

  • I painted baby bed: cream

  • painted walls: pink 

  • got a new charm for my necklace

  • pic of our growing family 

{vintage} state plates

Of course, like everyone else, I liked the idea and pinned several printables that I had every intention of using.  Then...time got away from me and....nothing.  

I never did anything with those printables.  I got to thinking that it may look thrown together if I attempted printing and framing.  In keeping with my 2013 home goals, I wanted to add a 'point of interest'  in my home by displaying the states in which we've lived.  Also, sticking to the goals: don't buy new--find more treasures, I began to look on ETSY and Ebay for *vintage (see footnote) state plates.  I found a plethora of them and, other than the shipping, these plates were really inexpensive.  

*displayed in the kitchen*
*vintage* - What's up with this word?  It's like everyone is using it, but I'm left to wonder--what happened to antique? old?   When do I use vintage vs. antique vs. retro.   I did a little research (because I'm weird like that!)  Care to know?  Mmmmm-k...yeah, I'm telling you anyway.  

These plates are actually vintage because I know the date in which they were made.  (i.e. 1960s vintage Mississippi plate).  Antique mostly refers to anything old and can mean the item is over 100 years old although that rule gets muddy when it comes to certain items.  Retro refers to something that has been revived or it relates to styles, especially fashions, of the past.

Aren't you glad you read this post?  C'mon.  If you're like me and have been wondering about these terms,  you can put this question to rest.  You're welcome.


What AG's Reading...

This just has to be documented...

I mentioned in the homeschool post that AG makes her book requests known to Graham and he goes to the library and picks them up for her.   Each week, she tells him what she wants and then he tries his best to scope the nonfiction section for the "exact" books she wants.  We've been doing this for months.
*Due to our strange homeschooling/MDO schedule, we can't get to the library ourselves.  This should change next year.

Anyway...This morning, I was in the middle of enjoying my breakfast of oatmeal, raspberries  blackberries, and my one cup of caffeinated coffee for the day (I have literally eaten this meal for about 3 month straight and I'm still in love with it!)  Back to the story....I'm eating my breakfast and Graham says to AG, "What book do you want me to read you during breakfast?"  She replies, "Hyenas!" YUCK!  I had a hard time getting through the rest of my meal and finally had to move to the living room.  My girl and her animal nonfiction--her weird obsession.

This week's book list in no particular order:  HYENAS, LIONS, TIGERS,  and SEA TURTLES
I assure you, this is exactly the requests that AG made.  We joke all the time about her extreme decisiveness   She knows exactly what she wants and it cracks us up.  It's rare to get an "Ummm..." or "I don't know" from her about anything.

Oh, and G didn't forget about Ro.  She likes light-hearted reads:  THE BERENSTAIN BEARS 5 BOOK COMBO.  Yep, that's more her speed.


hymnal page wreath

For some time, I have been wanting to make a book page wreath.  There are a million and one different kinds and tutorials on Pinterest so I won't bore you with another tutorial. 

There are lots of great styles, but I went an easier and seemingly quicker route...

Instead of book pages, I used pages from one of my old hymnals.  It is fitting for me because I love music and I love great hymns of the faith.

I made a overlapping leaf style wreath.

Super easy, ridiculously cheap, and a great way to lighten up my mantle.


more birthday fun...

Even though Edy's birthday party was on Friday, she still had some gifts/cards to open from family.  We decided to wait until her actual birthday for these things so she would have a little more fun on her day.

Up and ready for a birthday breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants, The Diner. 

Opening some gifts...

 and having a ball!

3 years old!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Edy Rose.  There's just something about her that makes people smile.  She's energetic, spunky, pleasant, caring, beautiful, and an absolute joy in our lives.  

Here's a little walk down memory lane in honor of my girl's third birthday...

sweet smile. sweet face. sweet disposition. sweet girl. 


It's Party Time!

Let the party begin...

My cute birthday girl!

{ready for CAKE!}

{excited sisters}

{beautiful day for playing outside}




"Happy Birthday to you!"

How many kids can we fit on this couch?

{AG giving commentary on each gift}

{totally presh!}

Happy Birthday, Edy Rose! 
So glad you loved your party!

For links to Edy's first and second birthdays click HERE and HERE.