8 months of Joy

Joy is EIGHT MONTHS old today!!!
Joy's stats:
  • army crawling and pretty much "regular" crawling
  • no teeth yet
  • says mama, da, bye-bye
  • waves bye-bye
  • sits on her own
  • can almost push herself to sitting position
  • sleeps 12 hours a night
  • takes 2-3 naps a day
  • eats 5-6 times a day (breastmilk)
  • taking to solids a little better
  • loves her big sisters
  • wears 9 month clothing
  • wears size 3 diapers
  • hair is really starting to grow (coarse texture)
  • reaches for people to hold her

I guess it's true what they say, the baby of the family is spoiled!  Graham, AG, Edy, and I all cater to this little one!  I don't stress much over what she is/isn't doing like I did with AG or even Edy.  She doesn't eat solids every single day and I really don't worry much about it.  She is my most needy baby, but that's not saying much--she's pretty easy going.  She isn't "doing" as much as her sisters were at this age, but I think it most likely has something to do with being held all of the time! ;)  I remember thinking AG was more grown at this age and always pushing her toward the next stage.  Not with this one!  She's just a little baby and I don't want to rush anything.

AG at 8 months
Edy at 8 months


  1. Oh, my, I could just squeeze her, she's soooo cute! Sounds as though everyone is just enjoying JOY!

    1. Thanks, Lea. She is definitely a bundle of JOY!


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