Argh! Technology!!!

I have had really good intentions to blog.  I even have a little schedule of posts I wanted to share in the coming days, but... it ain't happenin'.  At least not in the foreseeable future.

We've had Internet problems--it comes with the territory.  Get this...we are in some weird "dead zone" that spans about one-fourth of a mile, which I find completely insane being that it's 2014, and there's just about nothing we can do about it but wait and hope something better develops in our neck of the woods.  Plus, Blogger has had a few uploading issues that haven't helped my cause.  All that to say, it may be a few days before the kinks get worked out and I get some posts published.

Have I lost you?  Those that are still with me...will you stick around?

Hoping to be back very, very soon!  Stick around.


  1. I am staying put. I love your posts, ideas, and faith in God
    Good luck with your difficulties

    1. Hopefully, I'll get my posts up soon! :) Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Still here... sticking around for sure! *wink*

    Ain't technology grand? Haha!

    1. Technology!!!!!!! Love it or hate it...I guess this Internet thing is here to stay!


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