Christmas Ideas {for next year}

I'm back!  After nearly two weeks of Christmas traveling, we are finally getting settled, Christmas decor is down, and things are mellowing out.  I have a few posts up my sleeve (home, Christ, family) and they will be coming up shortly.

Each year I see certain Christmas decor/crafts and think to myself, I'm going to do that next year.  But it never fails--I forget!  Not this time!  I'm determined to remember.

Along with pinning some of the crafts and decor I like, I also made a list and posted it to my August 2014 calendar so I have enough time to get prepared before I begin decorating in November. Thanks for the idea, Na! Plus, I'm recording my ideas here on the blog.  Surely, I will remember! Surely!

Along with ornaments, I'd like to make a pair of angel wings for the top of my tree out of sheet music.  I'm ready for a more traditional tree topper.

I want to incorporate tartan plaid ribbon, scarves, and throws throughout my home! Cozy! Cozy!

4) design labels for packages and print on linen card stock

 Do y'all do this?  Think of ideas for next year and jot them down.  

I'm hoping that next August I will keep my eyes peeled for the items on my list and begin preparing in advance! ;)  Never too early to start planning for next year!

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