Christmas in Arkansas

Whoa!  It's mid-January and I forgot to share the pictures from our Arkansas Christmas...
Christmas at my mom and dad's
My sweet daddy always gets us a box of Whitman's chocolates.  The littles even got a small box!
Christmas at Pops and Na's

We had the best time back in our home state of Arkansas. It's always good to be home surrounded by "your people". 


  1. Oh, what fun! My Dad is from Ft. Smith, Ar and we spent many happy years in Arkansas. Happy day!

    1. How neat, Lea! Before moving to Texas (four years ago), Graham served on staff in Fort Smith. I taught school there. Our oldest and middle girls were born there. We loved our four years in Ft. Smith! Small, small world.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! It's perfect for my candy making hubby!


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