Cover Photo Made Easy

Have y'all checked out PicMonkey's collage/design options?  There is a FACEBOOK cover design that is already formatted and ready for your personal touch.  The only thing you need to do is insert pictures and/or graphics and you have an easy and personalized FB cover.  I've been winging it for sometime using Picasa, but the last few I've designed using PicMonkey and it takes me about 5 minutes.  Check it out.

My fall cover photo made in Picasa. Not too shabby, but not pre-formatted.

Made this one in PicMonkey.  Much easier.

Here is my most recent FB update:
 This time, I just made a photo collage.

updated desktop background
*Family, feel free to steal this one! :)


  1. I love PicMonkey for collages! I used it to make my last cover photo, but when I made a new one a couple days ago, Facebook immediately made it grainy. I used high-res photos and everything, so I'm not sure why it's being so difficult.
    Anyway, your cover photo is adorable! :)

  2. How lovely!!! Love the collage you made...and I am sure your fam will steal it! ;)
    Bless those sweet faces in the pictures!!!! :)

  3. I also love picmonkey! Great collages! :)


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