Five on Friday

As I was doing some organizing this week, I flipped through Graham's baby book and found this:
Graham screamed from the time we walked in the church until we left the church - Dr. Thorn said, "It looks like we have a preacher on our hands."  He received a Bible, book, and long stemmed red rose. - Graham's baby dedication service
 I'm thankful my mother-in-love is a good record keeper.

Yep, Joy may look more like Graham than he does...
Sorry, Old Navy.  I'm pretty sure "the heart is deceitful..." Jeremiah 17:9
Nothing like a squeaky clean baby just after a good 'ole sink bath!

Thursday, I had a mother-daughter date with AG.  We went to Starbucks and she enjoyed a cake pop and hot chocolate--coffee for me!  We've had some tough days the past few weeks (post to come soon) and this little date was just what the doctor ordered.

Today, Edy and I went consigning and thrifting.  P.S.  I let her dress herself!  While at lunch, a little boy came up to her and just stared at her...and smiled...and stared...and smiled.  Edy was like, "What is it?"  He just stood and smiled.  I whispered to his parents, "I think he's in love."  They agreed.  It was too cute and even cuter than Edy was clueless!


  1. Oh my goodness.. your babes are precious!!!! :)

  2. Hi Leslie! Am stopping by from Five on Friday. It's always so nice to find a blogging sister in Christ. :) I love the "sorry old navy." It's a pretty common saying to trust your heart or follow your heart, but our heart can be so wicked. :( Anyhoo, your family adorable and I'm glad to have found your blog! Am your newest follower!


  3. Oh, a baby straight from the bath----adorable!! What a precious time to spend with Edy, making memories for sure! Blessings!


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