Five on Friday

I'm ending my blogging week by linking up with my 5 on Friday post!

On Monday, we gave our family presentation at Classical Conversations.  We have really enjoyed CC this year.  If you or someone you know is thinking about taking the plunge, feel free to email me.  I'd love to share our experience with you.

It's been cold, cold here in East Texas.  We've been burning a lot of fires in the fireplace.  One of the pluses to homeschooling is math by the fireplace...

Our little Joyful is on.the.go!!!!  She's a'movin' and a'shakin'!  I walked in the living room and my heart sank--I couldn't find her.  Finally, I spotted her sneaky, little self peering at me from under the piano.

I said it's been cold in East Texas--lots of time spent inside.  We broke out the play-doh; translated:  a neat-freak's nightmare, but a child's dream.  So...I've caved a little these days.

This week on the blog, I linked up the TOP TEN posts of 2013.  If you missed them, click HERE and take a look around.


  1. Cold weather is a great excuse to use your fireplace!! And love your little one sitting under the piano - what a cutie!

    Happy weekend, girlie! xo

  2. That picture of Joy under the piano is precious! I love fires in the fire place too! Hopefully this polar votex stuff goes away soon! :)


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