Winter Pics

I love taking pics of my girls.  If nothing else, it's fun to get them dressed-up and have some practice using my camera.  It's always nice when I actually get some good shots.  Keep in mind, I typically take 300+ pics and end up with 5-10 decent ones.  I was pleased with this little impromptu shoot.
All three looking at the camera? CHECK  All three semi-smiling? CHECK, CHECK
Edy Rose

 Ava Grace

 Joy Tatum
 It'll do.
This pic captures my Edy and AG perfectly.  Edy = happy-go-lucky, AG = melancholy, and both = beautiful.
 Joy's sweet face gets me every time!
best. friends.
Now it's time for me to order some new prints and update the frames around the house.

Dear Harper


  1. You really do a great job photographing the girls. You captured all their personalities! They are beautiful subjects, even if I do say so myself! Thanks for sharing, Renee

  2. Beautiful babies with beautiful personalities. Don't you just love that God made each one different and beautiful:) Promise and Possibility! What a blessing!

  3. Well, you will have some real prizes for your frames. I'm thinking you should submit them to something because they are just way toooo cute!!!! And, I love, love their names. Your blog is always such a breath of fresh air!

  4. Oh. my. Goodnes. Precious and beautiful girls!!!

  5. Love these! Found you from Five on Friday. Happy weekend :)

  6. Your girls are adorable! Visiting from the Five on Friday link up.

  7. Leslie! I am so glad you linked up for Find Beauty Friday today!! Your girls are so beautiful! :)

  8. Wow! The photos are crazy beautiful! And I'm kind of like you... I married a guy who never thought he'd be a pastor, then turned into one... I said I would never drive a minivan... now we have some swag in the Swaggerwagon too! Ha! Isn't it funny how never rarely ever comes true!


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