9 months of Joy

My Joyful is another month older.  She's nine months old today!

Just look at my girl and her gorgeous smile!

I dare you not to smile!!!!  I DARE YOU!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9!

Joy's stats:
  • crawling everywhere
  • cutting two bottom teeth and drooling like crazy
  • says mama, da, bye-bye
  • waves bye-bye
  • sits on her own
  • pushes to a sitting position
  • sleeps 12 hours a night
  • takes two naps a day
  • eats five times a day (breastmilk)
  • eating solids once a day
  • loves her big sisters
  • wears 9 month clothing
  • wears size 3 diapers
  • hair is really starting to grow (coarse texture)
  • reaches for people to hold her
  • loves to play in her room and can entertain herself

...and she won't stop...
She's headed straight for my camera.

My three unique and wonderful little girls at 9 months old.

AG at 9 months old
Edy at 9 months old


  1. She is just precious. Her pictures always make me smile...and want to snuggle a baby.

  2. That smile is just too cute!!! Such personality in that little body!!!

  3. Ahhhh! So precious! What a beautiful little smile! It's awesome to look back at all those monthly pictures! I've been taking them for a girlfriend who just had a litle boy in September and my husband says "Who takes pictures of their kid every month?" I was appauld by his comment! I said EVERYONE! And I will too someday! lol.

  4. Oh, she is named perfectly, just looks like pure JOY! Sleeping 12 hours and two naps, wow! what a good girl! Precious!


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