Five on Friday

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!  Some folks think this little holiday is silly and maybe it is, but I've always enjoyed it.  Even from a young age, my daddy made me feel special for Valentine's day.  Candy, cards, flowers--what's not to love?  It's nice to have a day set aside to pile on the love.  It's fun!  And I like fun!


The girls and I made our Valentine a little something special for his office.  That little hand-print in the top right nearly wiped me out!  Paint everywhere, I tell ya!!!


This week, we have had one of Graham's seminary professors in for a special visit.  He spoke at our church on Sunday and then again on Monday night.  It was such a treat.  Sunday night, he came over for dinner and brought me TULIPs.   I appreciated the sweet gesture and his humor! 


My Valentine gave me a gorgeous cameo necklace.  He found it at a local boutique and said he thought it looked like something I'd like.  Nailed it!


Totally random, but for those of you around my age, you may remember the good 'ole days of the gold rope chain fad.  I think I last wore mine in the eight grade.  It was the thing to have--that, along with suede jackets, and Doc Martens.  My dad found mine on a trip to Taiwan and I was so excited to wear it!  I've kept it all these years and randomly broke it out the other day.  I'm kinda liking the simplicity of it.  Yes? No?    


Did you catch my post on gallery walls and competing spaces?  Check it out HERE.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. That hand print painting is so sweet! Such a great gift!! Happy Valentine's Day, girl!

  2. I love the cameo necklace! What a sweet surprise. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Yes, that hand print painting is so precious!!! Bet Dad was more than a little proud!

    Tulips, yes! Cameos, yes!

    And, love your wall, it is so welcoming! Happy hearts day my dear!

  4. How sweet that your hubby went out of his way to pick up that lovely necklace for you! Love!

  5. Love that painting from your girls! So sweet!! Happy to be visiting your blog!

  6. I love your blog

  7. hi leslie!! I love your tulips... what a sweet gift for opening up your home. and of course I love your photo wall and design post. :) :) andddddd... i just saw your 31 days of balancing homeschool!!!! i cannot wait to catch up on that series. Have a great weekend.

  8. Such a cute gift you and your girls made for your husband! Those tulips are so pretty! And I just giggled remembering the gold chains and doc martins! Simplicity is great though! Aren't you glad you hung onto it all these years! :)

  9. Oh what an adorable gift your girls made for their daddy! What beautiful tulips and such a gorgeous necklace. Sounds like you had an awesome Valentines Day!!


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