Love them? Hate them?

Recently, we were given a great wingback chair.  The chair has wonderful bones--so comfortable, great shape, and great condition.  I just love it.  One thing, the fabric is a little 90's jewel-toned-ish, but the chair is great. Really it is!

I'm finally starting to figure out my style--sort of.   I don't know if I could write it out exactly, but I know what I like.  With that said, I love the slip-covered look.  I love the cottage-y feel when traditional meets comfort.

So...I measured my chair, looked at a bazillon different types of covers, and placed my order.  The new cover fits nicely for a non-custom slip-cover.  I'm pleased with the look.  Until...

Until someone sits in it!  

Seriously, it's held up great.  It even falls back into place nicely.  But for an OCD-ish, type-A, clean-freak like myself, it's a tad frustrating.  Just a smidge.

I know it can't look perfect.  That's not the look of a slip-cover.  It's not in its nature.

It very rarely has to be re-tucked-which is a huge plus!

And I just love the way it brightens and softens up my living room.

I imagine how great it would look on dark wooden floors.  A girl can dream.

So LOVE beats out hate.  I love my slipcover!

What are your thoughts on slip-covers?  Love them?  Hate them?

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  1. LOVE the chair! On another note, have you always had the hovering pintrest buttons? I have been trying to figure out how to do those for a while (I am technologically challenged if you couldn't tell:))… How do you do those???? :)

  2. I think it looks great! I know what you mean about the OCD part... but it's minor! I don't have slip covers but I have furniture covers that basicially are blankets to fit the couches... and I hate them! They never stay on. I'm always fixing them and it drives my OCD self insane! :)

  3. Oh, I'm with you! I am a neat freck to the inth degree and guess since I'm 61 years old, I'm likely not going to ever change. I love things tucked, things in their place and my ducks in a row. :o))) Like you, I do love slipcovers and the look they give and I've certainly had my share of them over the years. I do really love your chair and the chevron pillow is "icing on the cake." Good job!!!

  4. I love the slip cover and the chair. They are great! I wish I could get slipcovers to look like that. I just don't have any luck. I think you did great!

  5. I've never had one, but it would also annoy me having to re-smooth it out every few days. -Tabitha

  6. Your chair looks great! We have an old couch that is great quality, but an old ugly floral fabric. I added a non-custom slipcover to it, and when it is tucked in correctly it looks great!

    Kelly from www.lifeonbirchst.com

  7. Looks great! Where did you get that slipcover? Contact me at nancyjz@hotmail.com


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