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Yay! for another successful Happy Hostess Link Party!!  I was impressed with the inspiration in the links.  If you get a chance, definitely take a look.

Here are a few features from last week's party:

Stasia @ Our Life on a  Budget uses a QR code for guest to donate to World Vision in lieu of gifts.

Emilee @ The Bird and the Bicycle throws a very cute shower for a mommy to BEE!
Elda @ Elda Larrazabal Blog throws the most adorable gold and pink first birthday party.

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 Featured Hostess
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Five on Friday

I'm finally getting around to printing my blog with Blog 2 Print.  I'm not spending a ton of money or doing anything snazzy, just printing it in b&w and soft cover.  I should have been doing this all along because it's much harder now that I have seven years worth of posts to print!

I made a little graphic for the cover of my books.

My cuties tried to cheer on the Longhorns in the tournament.  Oh Well!  They sure do look cute!
I want to SCREAM and PUNCH SOMETHING when this happens...

Who's with me?

At 6.5, AG finally lost her first tooth!!!!  

sorry...blurry phone pic

We don't know how it happened, but our little Joy got her first black eye--AT TEN MONTHS!!!  That's way too early for a shiner!

She's pulling up on everything and we think she may have fallen in her crib.

Y'all come back on Monday for the features from the Happy Hostess Link Party.  


Happy Hostess Link Party No. 2

It's time for another Happy Hostess Link Party!!  
This week, I'm sharing a cheap and easy party decoration that I used for AG's fourth birthday party.  
I printed pics from AG's previous birthdays, taped them to wooden skewers, and added some scrapbook paper for a little extra detail.  Then, I stuck the picture sticks into some vases filled with jelly beans! That's it!!  How's that for cheap and easy?  

I chose to share this little party decoration because it has been pinned over and over on my old blog domain's pinterest board.

It's PARTY time! 

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Five on Friday

I just love FIVE on FRIDAY!!  I like being able to share little snippets from our week, but I also like having a quick little record of it as well.

We got a new KRUPS (G's favorite) coffeepot this week.  It is beautiful and brews perfectly!  Five years ago, I would have never pegged myself as a big coffee drinker, but now I can't start my day without it.  I have to have a dash of cream, though.  No black coffee for me.  Have y'all seen this?

My big girls stayed with Na and Pops over Spring Break.  On Saturday, we met half-way to pick them up and eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

 The girls with Na and Pops

 Joyful was so excited to see her big sisters!!
I must admit, I'm not a fan of huge bows (sorry, y'all) but this one was too adorable to pass up.  

The weather has been wonderful!!  We've been spending all of our afternoons outside!

Uncle Corey pre-ordered a special movie and it arrived on Tuesday!  Can you guess the movie???

FROZEN!!!  I have some happy little girls!

Don't forget to link-up to my linky party, Happy Hostess, on Monday.  I'm going to be sharing a very simple and cheap party decoration from AG's fourth bday party. *I've been shocked at the number of times it has been pinned on my old domain's pinterest board.  

Remember, any post (old or new) dealing with parties: decorations, party treats, showers, wedding receptions, future party ideas, etc. are welcome!  Check out the features from the last party HERE

Thanks for stopping by, y'all.  I'm headed to take my littles to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman!  Hope to see you Monday!


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Kitchen Mini-Makeover

Over Spring Break, while my kids were with their grandparents, I made some changes in my kitchen.  All in all, the changes were minor, but they really changed and updated the look of the place.  

Before pics:
The color, Valspar: Prairie Days,  was wearing me out!  I've wanted something lighter and brighter.  Also, after lots of Pinterest browsing, I decided to paint the lower cabinets.

The new colors:
These colors are much darker on this virtual swatch than in person: Woodlawn Snow for the walls and Oregon Dunes for the lower cabinets.

*Drumroll Please*

I just love the lighter walls! It's a little hard to see the contrast of the lower cabinets in these photos, but the change is really nice.

I really like how my dining chairs pop against the lighter wall.  Before, they were camouflaged against the yellow-beige walls.

I didn't do anything new or special with my decor.  I liked it before, so why spend money changing it!?  If it ain't broke...

I made some new curtains.  I'm a sucker for IKAT!

I like how my barstools look against my freshly painted cabinets.  *Again, it's hard to see the update in these pictures.

A little better pic of the contrast between the lower and upper cabinets

If you scroll up to the 'before pics', you'll see that the counter tops merge with the cabinetry.  They looked really dingy and dirty before, but the new paint made all the difference!

My "no-sew" valances--I'll be sharing more on these in an upcoming post.

One last before and after:



Up next:
  • tips for painting cabinetry:  going from oil-based paint to latex paint
  • no-sew valances
Did you get to check out my guest post over at Nikki's Nacs?  If not, head over there to get the details on how I did all of these kitchen updates for just under $200!

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