10 months of Joy!

If you are thinking, Wow!  She's already 10 months!, you and I are thinking the same thing.  I say this every month, but she is GROWING UP TOO FAST!  It's true. It's especially true when the third time around.  Life is too busy--too fast pace.  I'm pretty certain we won't have any more children and it's tough knowing this is the last time we will go through this stage. *Pardon me while I go cry for a moment...*  

I'm back.

Too cute at TEN MONTHS!

*I could have edited the bruise on her forehead, but I think it's pretty telling of a baby at 10 months of age.

And because you are kidding yourself if you think I got the last shot on the first try...

Joy's stats:
  • crawling from room to room
  •  two bottom teeth
  • says mama, da, bye-bye
  • waves bye-bye
  • gives kisses
  • pushes to a sitting position
  • sleeps 12 hours a night
  • takes two naps a day
  • eats five times a day (breastmilk)
  • eating solids once a day
  • loves her big sisters
  • wears 9-12 month clothing
  • wears size 3 diapers
  • hair is really starting to grow (coarse texture and double crown)
  • reaches for people to hold her
  • loves to play in her room and can entertain herself
  • acts shy around men
  • pulls to standing position (flat-footed)
  • balances while standing
  • moves feet slowly around object while standing
  • feeds herself puffs/biscuits
  • picks up small objects
  • signing "more" when eating
With just two months away, I am getting ideas together for Joy's first birthday extravaganza.  I've pretty much landed on a theme:  A little birdie told me you are ONE!  I'm sort of keeping with the time of year she was born (like her big sisters' parties) and her nursery decor.

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