Game Changer

Joy Tatum is on. the. move.  We have been baby-proofing and remembering to see things from the perspective of a little baby.  There's a whole world out there waiting to be discovered--lamp cords, top-heavy tables, outlets, phone chargers, Legos...nothing is off limits for this girl!

She can crawl fast, she can pull up and stand flat-footed, and she can slowly cruise around a table.

Love this pic!
 I didn't even notice Graham until my sis pointed him out--hysterical!

This is how Joy greets me each morning!

Check out this video of our smart girl:


  1. Way to go, Joy Tatum!!! Graham's face is still the best. :)

  2. Isn't that SO funny! Cracks me up, but Graham told me it was mean to post it. lol

  3. I'm totally in the same boat! Lynley is starting to rock back and forth on all fours - the apocalypse is near!!!! ;) Joy Tatum is SUCH a DOLL!

  4. Thanks, Ashley. Yes...with two other kiddos we have our work cut out for us in the baby-proofing dept. You understand that! My other two have little toys now--Barbie shoes, Legos, hair accessories. I've been really laying down some ground rules and trying to get them to be better about picking up the little stuff.

  5. Graham was the first thing I saw, not Joy Tatum standing (when I saw his reaction the little bulb went on ha!). Man, so much fun!!!

  6. SO funny!!! I love it. She's crazy busy now!

  7. My son will be 10 months on the 14th, and he's pulling up on everything and pitches a fit if you don't "walk" him around. He loves being mobile. He just started crawling on February 11th! It's happening too soon for dear ole mama!

  8. Wow! Our kids are just a few days apart. Joy will be 10 months tomorrow (the 6th). Isn't it crazy how fast they change and go from being SO easy to having to watch them at every turn! Lots of bumps and bruises ahead. Joy already has a bruise on her noggin!

  9. Fun times for sure!!!! I was getting used to how "easy" Joy was and then she became mobile! Uhoh! Lots of moving around here.


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