I'm hosting a Link Party! What???

I'm getting a little gutsy on ye olde blog!  
I'm just two months out from Miss Joy's first birthday.  I am starting to get ideas and pin them on my pinterest par-tay board.  It got me thinking all jokes aside, I've hosted many real-life parties--birthday parties, small-group functions, ladies' nights out, Christmas parties, play-dates, dinner parties, showers, etc. What can I say, I love a good party!!!  
In the blog realm, I've been joining link parties for some time and I really enjoy them.  I like browsing pictures, a good tutorial, getting ideas, and sharing moments. 
The idea:

I'm going to host a link party of my own. 
The party:

Since I'm a self-proclaimed hostess with the mostess, I thought party ideas would be my niche.  My party will be for linking up party ideas, recipes, decoration tutorials, pics from a shin-dig you've hosted, party attire, or anything party related.  I'll even make it easy on you--link-ups don't necessarily need to be recent, just make sure you send us to the actual link of your post. I'm going to search my archives and repost AG's first birthday as my party starter!


Before we get this party started, I need a little feedback.  There are a million and one link-ups out there and I want to make sure I'm going to have some attendees to my little social.  Would you link-up? 
Leave me your thoughts!
If this seems like something that is going to work, I'll shoot for [a] Monday [in the near future] to launch my party. 


  1. Very neat! I would like up and I like that you are opening it to past posts. I have a lot in my archives of wedding and baby showers that I've either hosted with our church or helped decorate. I would love to show them (not all at once) with your readers. Would wedding/baby showers be included?

  2. YAY! So glad that this seems like something that would interest you. Yes! Any type of party--showers included and wedding receptions. As you can tell, I'm not too picky! Hope to see you back on Monday....if I can get all my stuff together! :) Let's be optimistic!

  3. Sounds fun! I personally havent held any major parties worth sharing but I most definitely would love to read and see others posts!


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