Painting Kitchen Cabinets

A few weeks ago, I tackled painting the lower cabinets in my kitchen!!  It wasn't a difficult task, but boy was it time consuming.  I learned some things along the way that may help the next DIYer tackle a similar project. 

After lots of googling and researching, my questions came up unanswered.  It wasn't until a trip to Lowe's and actually talking to a warm body that I finally got some answers.  Good ole face to face!!!

I took home several paint testers before I landed on the chosen color: Valspar Oregon Dunes.

Fortunately, my cabinets have hidden hinges so there was absolutely no unscrewing involved!  That was a huge time saver and made my task a little bit easier.

I learned that it is possible to paint over oil-based paint if you are wanting to use a latex instead.  The paint guru at Lowe's let me in on a few tricks:  Oil-based paint isn't your friend (smelly and hard to clean-up) and primer bridges the gap!  So, I put one coat of primer on everything before I used my semi-gloss latex paint.  

In order for the latex to stick to oil-based paint, I had to prime first.  The paint will chip and peel if the primer is skipped.

I painted around my hindges since they aren't seen.  I also gave the backs of my doors a single coat primer and paint.

All in all, I gave one coat of primer and two coats of latex paint.
 I waited 24 hours before adding the knobs.

 In the meantime, I cleaned out my cabinets--perfect timing if you ask me!

 Junk drawer!

 I'm loving the new finish!

The contrast is more noticeable in person than in the photos.

For the complete kitchen makeover, click HERE.


  1. Great job! Your cabinets look great! It's amazing what a little paint can do ;)

  2. Hope @ Hope in a BlogApril 4, 2014 at 11:33 AM

    So impressed girl!!! Looks great Xx.

  3. Love it! Would love to have my kitchen look like that!

  4. Cat @ MaryMarthaMama.comApril 4, 2014 at 2:33 PM

    You did a great job! You are so lucky on the hinges! I painted my cabinets 2 years ago and had to take off all the hinges. Such a pain! Especially since I then had to also paint the hinges to match my new pulls because I didn't want to spend the money on new hinges- that adds up!

  5. It is amazing what some paint can do! I am on to the next project around here!

  6. Oh, my goodness, you are something! Your kitchen looks fantastic and what a job to bite off while mothering 3 little ones. And, you are a woman after my heart using those little organizational boxes in your drawer. I have tons of those because I am an organizational freak. Bet you feel a lot of satisfaction in this endeavor. Happy weekend!


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