Five on Friday

It's FRIDAY and only two days left in the month of May--my favorite month of the year is coming to an end.

Today, I'm linking up with the gals for 5 on Friday.

Graham and I try to take the girls out on individual "dates" once or twice a month.  This week was AG's turn.  She and I shared a good meal, good conversation, and some shopping at Hobby Lobby.  
my lovely firstborn

My little Joyful is so sweet...I was folding clothes and glanced up to see her peering out the window at her big sisters playing in the pool.

 It won't be long, JoJo!

Did y'all get to check out this week's What You Wish Wednesday link-up?  I'm thrilled to be teaming up with Stasia, Nikki, and Melissa for this new link-up endeavor.  If you missed Wednesday's party, check back next week--we'd love to have you.  It's easy to join in--just link-up what you wish.
Join us this Wednesday!

Tomorrow, Graham and I celebrate eleven years of wedded bliss!  ELEVEN years, y'all!!  

 I love him more now than I ever thought about loving him then!

Did y'all get to check out my new blog series?  Here's the deal: Each week, I'm going to give a little tour of my home, room by room...imperfections and all!  Click HERE to check out my first post in the series.

Have a great weekend!  I'm looking forward to a fancy date with my one and only to celebrate our eleventh anniversary! 


Imperfect Home Tour: Joy's Room

I love making my house a home.  If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know this about me--it's my hobby and like any hobby it takes work.  I'm no interior designer--though I aspired to be one early on in college.  That being said, I also took a few courses on the route to becoming a dental hygienist, too.  So, yeah, I'm no more an interior designer than I am a dental hygienist.  Decorating is fun for me; I break many of the "rules" and fake it a lot!  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I love the book UNDECORATE.  Y'all seriously need to get a copy if you don't already own one.  It's so encouraging and has helped me embrace my home--imperfections and all!

All of that to say, I'm going to show you the good, the bad, the not so good, and the not so bad around my home.  Not every room in my house is "done", but frankly, it'll never be done.  It's constantly changing and evolving as our needs/likes/wants change.  

Every gal likes a home tour, right?  Raise your hand if you like MLS listings.  When I visit other blogs, the HOME TOUR tab is typically the first link I click on.   I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff! 

First stop on this tour:  Joy's Room

Hope you enjoyed looking around my baby's nursery.  This room will be changing quite a bit as Joy grows and develops.

wall color: Valspar Baby Blush
bedding: Etsy shop
wall decal: Etsy shop
most of the wall items came from antique/thrift stores
lower her mattress; she's getting gutsy!
new flooring
*There are things that I would love to do but are just not in the financial realm at this point.  I decorate on a very tight budget.  That's another thing that makes my hobby fun--hunting for steals and items that can be made beautiful.  New flooring is a wish that won't be possible for some time.  A girl can dream.
I hope y'all enjoyed this first post in my IMPERFECT home tour series.  I'll be back next week to take you on a tour of another room in our ever-changing home!


What You Wish Wednesday No. 2

Welcome back for another What You Wish Wednesday.  Last week was fun and I was able to get acquainted with some new bloggers and look around their blogs.  I hope to see more of you turn out this week.  It's a super easy way to connect with other bloggers and gather a little inspiration along the way!
**The details for the link-up are at the bottom of the post.

What are you reading?  Need a good book?  Try this one:

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney

I have read through this book about 3 times and this is not the first time I've suggested it here on the blog.  It's a great book for Christians that are serious about growing in godliness.  We are going through it in a class at church and I'm planning on reading it a fourth time with a discipleship group in the fall.  

I'm telling y'all, if we (Christians) aren't disciplined to read our Bibles, study and meditate on the scriptures, memorize scripture, pray, serve, worship, give; we aren't going to grow in godliness like we should.  There isn't a Christian around that can say she's arrived--that she has this whole thing mastered.  It's a continual process--being renewed and refined for OUR JOY and HIS GLORY.

I challenge you to commit this verse to memory:

Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness. I Timothy 4:7


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Reminder: WYWW

Hey y'all!!!  Hope you are having a nice Memorial Day!  This is just a little friendly reminder that Stasia, Nikki, Melissa, and I will be hosting our second What You Wish Wednesday bright and early Wednesday morning! I hope you will link-up and get connected with us and other bloggers.  

Remember: nothing fancy or complicated with this party--link-up WHAT YOU WISH!


Five on Friday

Whooohooo!  It's FRIDAY!!! It's been a long week and I'm so excited to see the weekend!  I'm linking up with the girls for another 5 on FRIDAY!!! Here goes...

We have a bird that makes a nest on one of our outdoor fans every single year.  She's a nuisance--drives me crazy.  Last year I got rid of the nest, but this year I was too late, she hatched her eggs and before I knew it, we had a little quad group of birdies.  They've been making a mess, but it's fun to watch them when their momma comes home with lunch.  I'm hoping they fly the coop very, very soon so I can get rid of that nasty nest!

How true is this.....
If you don't have a copy of UNDECORATE by Christine Lemieux then go getcha a copy!  It's the no-rules guide to making your house a home.  Over the last few years, I've found it's easier for me to do what I love in my home and abandon those design constraints I once held tightly to.  The result: I love my home because it's ME and not someone else's definition of design!

In other news, JoJo has begun to like tolerate her sippy cup a little more these days.  This is a small step for some, but a GIANT step for us.  

My sister sent this to me and I LOVE it...

Mommy wars ain't gonna get me down!!!

I'm cracking up at this poster.  Some moms can make you feel so bad about choices you make or don't make.  I can tell you for certain--I AIN'T down with placenta consumption, but I'm a decent mom nonetheless!  To each her own!  lol.

Thanks for stopping by for my FIVE ON FRIDAY!!  Come back next Wednesday for our second WHAT YOU WISH WEDNESDAY link-up. Thanks to those of you who linked up this week.  It was a lot of fun!

Have a GREAT weekend!


Sunday Pics

We have never had the privilege of living in the same town as our extended family.  Actually, that's the main reason why this ole' blog got its start.  In 2007, I had just become a mom for the first time and our sweet Ava Grace was the first grandchild for both sides of the family.  Most of my posts were all about AG.  As technology progressed, I began to share more and more through texting.  Each Sunday, for at least three years but maybe even longer, I have taken a pic of my girls and sent it out to all of our extended family.  It's the traditional Sunday Pic as we like to call it.  

It's been a while since I shared some Sunday Pics on the blog.  Here are some I've taken since January:

There is nothing to these pics--just a poorly shot iPhone pic before we rush out the door. We're always running late on Sunday! The one constant is my little girls decked out for church and looking adorable!

This week's Sunday Pic

Oh! I can't end this post without sharing some old Sunday Pics...

They grow too fast! Too fast, I tell ya!

I'm nostalgic and these pics fill my need to preserve memories and capture my growing and changing little girls!  I hope we can keep them up for a long time!  Maybe my girls will pass the tradition on to their families--probably using some new-fangled camera or whatever! :)

What You Wish Wednesday No. 1

Welcome to WHAT YOU WISH WEDNESDAY!!!  I hope your "hump day" has started off well.  I've had my morning cup of coffee, so I'm feeling alert and ready for this morning's festivities!


It's time for you to join in the What You Wish Wednesday fun!

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