This weekend, we went on a little mini-vacay to DFW.  The girls always love staying in a hotel and going out to eat a bunch!  We all do!
Here are a few pics from our trip...
Fort Worth Zoo

Being the end of the school year, there were a lot of school kids at the zoo!  On the plus side, the weather was nice and most of the animals were out and about!

JoJo's first time to the zoo

Friday, we went to Six Flags.  Every single teenager in the state of Texas got the memo to come that day.  Regardless, we had a blast and the lines weren't so bad. 

First thing after entering the park, the girls got their faces painted.  I swear the paint changed their personalities!!  They strutted around Six Flags like they owned the place!

Side note:  Edy kept referring to her face-paint as "paint-face".  By the end of the weekend that new term was concrete in our vocabulary.  So cute!

Wonder Woman and Supergirl on a mission!

Their capes gave them an even greater confidence boost!   

When we got back to the hotel, Graham had bath-duty.  After baths, I glanced over to see both girls still sporting their "paint-face".  They have their daddy wrapped around their little fingers, don't they?

We had a wonderful time.  Thanks Aunt Ann and Aunt Dorothy for the memories!


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  1. Their painted faces and capes are so cute! The pic of them sleeping with their "paint-face" is perfect.

  2. haha, that top picture is the best as is the bottom! So sweet.

  3. Aren't they funny, Courtney!! They play hard and crash like crazy after a long day!!!


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