{more} Joy's Birthday Party

Did you get to see the pics from Joy's first birthday party:  A Little Bird Told Me...It's Your Birthday?  Click HERE to check out the party.

Here are the family pics from our day.  Enjoy.

 my three beauties

 Na and Pops with the birthday girl

 love AG in this one

one of my favorite pics from the day. hysterical.

 Gaga, Tat, and the girls

 Na, Pops, and the girls

Mamaw and the girls

Aunt Dorothy and the girls

 KK with the girls

 Aunt Ann with the girls

one tired one year old
What a special day for our family and our little Joy Tatum!  
AG's Ladybug First Birthday
Edy's Winter 'One'derland First Birthday

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  1. What fun for a precious little girl. It looks like her older sisters love her dearly. Think she was definitely celebrated "in style."


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