Mother's Day

I had a fantastic Mother's Day!!  Not only did I get spoiled with a new computer, but Graham and the girls took me to a fabulous brunch at Jul's in Tyler.  It was simply outstanding.  I didn't want to get full! :) Y'all know what I mean?  The food was that good!

 the three beauties that made me a momma

What a difference a year makes...

 Joy was 6 days old last Mother's Day.

Also, I wanted to share some old pics of my momma and me...

Love you, Mom!


  1. Oh, Joy looks so much like you when you were a baby. So, so cute!

  2. I LOVE seeing old pictures of people with their mama's. They have such a classic, beautiful look and it makes me hopeful for the fun my girls will have when they look back on pictures of us!

  3. Absolutely love all of the blue eyes in that first picture!

  4. Your baby girl looks just like you did!

  5. Joy looks just like you when you were a babe with those big eyes and chubby cheeks! So cute! beautiful picture of you with your girls!!!! Glad you had a wonderful mother's day! You certainly deserve it!


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