Five on Friday

Linking up with the gals for another FIVE on FRIDAY...

The girls are taking swimming lessons this week.  So far, so good.  They are making a lot of strides and I'm optimistic that AG will be swimming by the end of next week.  Edy Rose...well...she'll get there!

Edy, my sweet girl, never stops talking!

Poor Edy caught her baby sister's stomach bug.  She was pitiful, but such a trooper.  She's doing better.  Two down...one to go???  I sure hope not!

Summertime and the livin' is easy?  Really?  

Summertime--one of our favorite songs and I love hearing my girls belt it out!

Head over to my home tour page and check out my happily imperfect kitchen!

Who's ready for some BB???  We stopped watching it for a long time, but last summer we got back into it because Graham knew one of the cast members.  We are hooked and can't wait for another summer of expecting the unexpected!

If you have a minute, check out some of the links from WYWW!  Don't forget to link-up this Wednesday.  It's such an easy way to connect with other bloggers.  We'd love for you to join us.

I featured Amanda @ Cultivate Create's painted parquet floors.  They are incredible! Click HERE to take a look.


  1. Oh, how I miss the days of sidewalk chalk!! :) :)

  2. oh no stomach bug, I hope she feels better soon.

  3. So hoping the stomach bug stopped before "he" got to anyone else. Beautiful chalk art with the two little shadows. Happy weekend!


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