Joy's New Do

Joy Tatum got her first haircut!  Although she doesn't have much hair what she was starting to form a mullet.


Poor Joy has cowlicks galore! Thanks, Mom. j.k.

*Sorry for the blurry phone pics--she was wiggly!

Graham has lovingly poked fun at each of the girls' first hairdos.  For instance, he called AG "Baldy Professor" because she had a bunch of hair in the back, but not too much on top.  He called Edy (when she finally grew some) "Gollum/Smeagol" due to her scraggly irregular hair growth.  And...he's been calling Joy "Lloyd Christmas"...

Endearing or Mean?  Whatever the case, I laugh every time!


  1. Oh my word! That is wayyy too funny about your husband poking fun at their hair... super sweetly, I'm sure :) :)

  2. Well, with those pretty blue eyes, it doesn't really matter what her hair looks like. Cute names by your Hubby. They can use those names for something one day, like maybe a password, if there is still such a thing when they get older. :o))

  3. Aria was definitely rocking a baby mullet for a while there. I think the nicknames are too funny! baby hair is full of crazies.

  4. Love it :) We have yet to give the little a haircut and my husband keeps asking when… I just can't do it… for some reason it makes me feel like she will be less of a baby after! I guess I am clinging to this milestone!


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