Remember that time I got a rug for FORTY FOUR dollars!?  It was originally $159, marked down to $77, and it rung up for $44 at check out!  A 7X10 rug, y'all!!  

Last week during my cleaning, I stepped out of the living room for about 5 minutes...5 minutes tops.  I came back to find my toddler laughing, gabbing, and covered in BLOOD!  Blood was everywhere.  After having a mild heart attack, I scooped her up and took her to the kitchen all while examining every inch of her little body.  I searched her over and discovered a little teeny tiny cut on her little toe.  Thank goodness she was fine, but the amount of blood that one little wound produced was crazy.  I cleaned her up and set her in the high chair so I could assess the damage to the living room.  It was bad.  Not only was my new rug covered in blood, but so were the walls, the windows, the carpet, and some books.  It was really, really bad.  I immediately started spot cleaning all of the stains with Resolve and to my surprise it worked.

About 2 hours after the incident, I walked through the living room to find my rug covered in bleach spots where I had sprayed the Resolve.  I was devastated. 

 oh my!

My sweet mother-in-law was so kind to listen to my distraught frustrations and she came up with a great idea: steep some tea bags and try to stain the spots to match the rest of the rug...

 during:  the spots were still wet from the tea

After one round of tea treatments it looked SO much better.

final tea treatment

Can you find the spots?   I think it looks pretty good considering the damage done from the blood and the Resolve.

Tea to the rescue!! 


Y'all don't forget to come back tomorrow for What You Wish Wednesday. I'll be sharing a Father's Day gift idea.


  1. Steeping tea is a pretty brilliant idea!! Well done!!

  2. I know, Beth! I died there for a second! She was acting fine, but I thought it had to be something terrible to produce that much blood. Glad she's fine and glad I got the rug pretty much back to normal.

  3. I'm so glad that my MIL suggested it...I was really upset with myself. I probably should have used soap and water to begin with. You live and learn.

  4. I'm SO glad that I got it looking better. I would never have been able to keep it with those bleach spots. My poor hubby was praying it would work because those spots meant money I was about to spend on a new rug. lol.

  5. Cat @ MaryMarthaMama.comJune 10, 2014 at 6:55 PM

    The tea was a really good idea! We had a blood trail along the wall and up the stairs once and it was from this tiny cut on my toddler's finger. It's amazing sometimes how that happens!

  6. What a great idea! I never would have thought about tea!! Glad your little one is ok :)


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