Imperfect Home Tour: Entryway

Welcome back to my home tour.  Today, I'm showing you around our entryway.

Our entryway has been through a lot of changes in the few short years we've been in our house.  It's an awkward space and it's taken me a while to figure out how to use the space efficiently.  I finally decided to use the room as a breakfast nook/school space.  Now that the room has a distinct purpose, I like it a whole lot better.

Some of you may have seen the post about how I striped the wall behind the table.  If not, click HERE to check it out.

Gallery wall:  silhouettes (Etsy), our wedding picture, the girls' dress they wore home from the hospital (tutorial HERE), framed crochet gift of our name

The is the view from the front door--straight ahead is the living room, to the left is the office/schoolroom, and to the right is the breakfast nook/school area.

I found this table at a flea market for dirt cheap and painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint and recovered/refinished the chairs.  Those chairs were a booger-bear!  The wood is SO old and brittle which made recovering a nightmare.  I didn't spend very much to recover/refinish them and I really want to sell them and get something different.

This is what the table looked like before I painted it and refinished/recovered the chairs.  

I've said before that I love natural elements.  My dad found this big stick in the woods behind our house.  I bleached it, let it dry, and hung it on the wall.  Simple and beautiful if you ask me!  It's probably my favorite thing in the entryway.

Our entryway needs a light fixture.  Here are some ideas:
I really like 2 and 4, but the others would work too.

Like I said earlier, I'm wanting new chairs for the breakfast table.  I would like an industrial style chair to pair with my traditional table. 
wall color: Valspar Wet Pavement
wall color stripe: Valspar Woodlawn Snow
breakfast table/chairs: flea market
mirror (guest always ask about that mirror): flea market
table paint: Annie Sloan chalk paint -Versailles

new rugs (under table and runner)
light fixture
new chairs
new lamp on shelf
redo silhouettes of girls adding Joy to the trio!

I hope y'all are enjoying my little home tour--imperfections and all.  Like I've said over and over during this series, I'm learning to love our home and embrace it.  Too often, we compare our homes to photos from Pinterest and design blogs of picture perfect spaces.  Fight the urge along with me and try to enjoy your home by adding your touch, your style, your likes, and your story.  


  1. LOVE! And love it's purpose. :)
    Crushing on all those lights...but my faves are the same as you! And those chairs...I've been crushing on #4 for a while now!!! So fun! xx

  2. I love your style so much! Your house looks great! And you did such a great job with that table. I think my favorite chairs are the ones in picture number 4.

  3. I love your house... you do such a great job! I love the lighting option #2 and the chair option #2!!

  4. Gorgeous! I love all of it!

  5. I am amazed that you turned your entry into such a practical/functional space. I'm not sure I would have ever seen past a regular entryway. It is such a beautiful space.

  6. Thanks, Nikki! I am pleased with how it turned out and it's really functional now.

  7. I really like chair option no. 2 as well!!

  8. I really like the chairs-no .4 too, but I'm still torn because I really like no.2 too! What to do!!!

  9. Leslie this is gorgeous! I am so overjoyed that I found your blog. It is precious and I adore your huge heart for the Lord! I cant wait to get to know each other!


  10. So glad you like it around here, Lauren! I truly want to blog for His Glory! I love making new connections in blogland!!!!!

  11. Thanks so much, Aimee!!! Still haven't decided on chairs or light fixtures....I'm SLOW moving. Ha! Really though, I'm waiting for a trip to IKEA to look around and see if I can find what I'm looking for....maybe one day we will bump into one another! :) I also want to get one of those cow skin rugs under the table....maybe? Or not...???


With Joy, Leslie