GREAT People Visit

My precious Gran and Papaw have been visiting us this week and I'm so thankful for their safe travels and our wonderful time together...

 Gran with her GREATS!
Gran fixed Joy's hair--first little ponytail and sticking straight up! :)

 Joy loved Gran's necklace.
I love this picture--some of my favorite people in the world crammed onto one couch.
Thanks for the cute dresses, Gran.

What an absolute treat to have my grandparents visit.  We had the best time and I miss them already!!! Praying them home to Alabama.


  1. Oh, how sweet, sweet that your Grandparents had that special time with your girls. I hope I live long enough to have special time with my greats. :o))) Have a wonderful week!

  2. That little ponytail couldn't be any cuter :) :)

  3. Great pictures! Truly will be treasured memories. Love the straight up pony, Aria rocks that.

  4. Awwww! How sweet! Love all the pictures! So sweet that your girls will get to have those memories of their great grandparents!


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