Teacher Treat--Free Printable

It's that time again--time to start another school year! Although my kiddos are homeschooled, we attend Classical Conversations once a week.  Wednesday will be our first day and we are SUPER excited! Typically, I make something for the girls to give their tutors and/or caregivers, but this year I am AG's tutor so that makes things a little different.  Easy fix:  I'm taking a little treat to my fellow tutors (one being Edy's), and Joy's babysitter.

When I was a public school teacher, I loved a little treat now and then.  Those Snicker bars and Dr. Peppers really came in handy on that first week of school!!! 

There are tons...and tons...and tons of teacher gift ideas floating around Pinterest.  Here's another one to add to the mix...

[8X10 printable]
It's going to be an AWESOME year!!!  I just know it!
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