Ladies Retreat | Crystal Beach

I just got back from a wonderful retreat with the ladies from my church.  We had the best time of relaxation, communion with the Lord, and fellowship with one another.  I am refreshed and renewed!   I'm praising the Lord for my time away from the busyness of being a mom. 

We stayed at a beautiful home on Crystal Beach.  It was truly a retreat home--newly built, spacious, and gorgeous.

On Friday, we played games, walked the beach, got settled, and enjoyed some really yummy seafood.  Saturday morning, we had a time of Bible study (myself and a friend shared with the group) and the rest of the day was spent relaxing.  Saturday night, we enjoyed more games, great food, and good conversation.

It's rare for me to take pics of anything other than my kids.  Both mornings, I rose early and headed out to catch the sunrise.  It was a peaceful time...

good friends

I had never been to a Texas beach before this weekend.  It was much different than the white sandy beaches of Florida, but still beautiful in its own way.  Where it's hard to find a really good shell in Florida, there are no shortage of shells on the Texas shoreline... 

 I have never seen so many shells in my life!

our backyard view

See the tiny sliver moon fading?

Can you spot the sun rising?

There were a few more early risers on day two.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Psalm 19:1

some of our wonderful church ladies

My mom went on the retreat with me.  Sunday was her birthday and it was nice to share in her day. 


I'm so thankful for my time away, but now it's back to the grind!  I am refreshed and ready to continue carrying out the Great Commission in my home with my children.  I'm praying they come to know the Lord soon and serve Him gladly as a member of the body of Christ--joyfully proclaiming His truths.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! That sounds like a wonderful trip!

  2. It was a fantastic trip, Julia. I really needed it. Now, it's back to reality, but reality isn't so bad! :)

  3. what a beautiful trip to the beach. All the shells! That is different from the FL I'm use to haha. I bet kids would love that. Great pics.

  4. Times of refreshment such as this are such a blessing and give us just enough break to recharge and refuel us. So glad you had this special time and especially with your Mom.

  5. So fun to have such a refreshing time… :) and what beautiful pictures!

  6. Beautiful pictures Leslie! That looks like a neat place to stay.

  7. I absolutely love Crystal Beach. We have friends who own a home there, and it's such a relaxing place. I'm glad to see the seaweed led up from earlier this summer. You took some truly beautiful pictures, and surrounded by beautiful ladies. Looks like you had a great time!


  8. Leslie, so glad you rose early to take the beautiful beach pictures. Thanks for sharing


  9. Cat @ MaryMarthaMama.comSeptember 25, 2014 at 8:20 PM

    This is so awesome! I would love it if our church would do something like this. And the pictures really do make that beach seem so serene. I'm glad you all go to have a wonderful refreshing retreat!


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