Oh Hey, Friday! 5 randoms...

It's FRIDAY!!!! How about that?

I'm glad you stopped in.  If you're new to Our Joy...His Glory, Welcome!! Please stay a while and take a look around.
I pride myself in being an anti-packrat, but this drawer says otherwise...
This first step is admitting you have a problem.  I have a problem.

Y'all, we love wigs.  They always give us a great laugh.  P.S. My vacuum HATES wigs.
[Notice JoJo's bruise?  She doesn't walk anywhere, she runs.]
We have had our bunk beds for around three years and I've finally caved!  AG is thrilled to sleep on the top bunk.  I've been slow to make the change...mostly because I dread making the top bunk!
We inherited Graham's grandmother's ceramic pumpkin canister.  Graham shared several childhood memories with the girls...most involving this pumpkin filled with Mamaw's homemade goodies!
Did y'all get to check out my post: Seven Things About Me.  If you're interested, click HERE.
One last thing: WHAT YOU WISH WEDNESDAY, is going strong!  My co-hosts and I are thrilled to welcome Amanda to our group and our little linky party is growing.  If you get a chance on Wednesday, link-up a recent post--it's that simple!
Happy Friday, y'all!!!  Have a great weekend!


  1. I love that pumpkin ceramic! My mom has one from my grandmother and its so cool that it keeps getting passed down! I also am inlove with that wood stump centerpiece. Did you buy that or go cut down a tree? Lol Happy Friday!

    Amanda - Life With Grace

  2. Girl, gimme those markers! I am totally obsessed with office supplies and could only dream of such a beautiful drawer =)

  3. I love those markers, and the drawer is fabulous!!!

    Bunk beds were so wonderful when i was kid, so fun!

    have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I didn't "cut down the tree" LOL, but I have a friend that made it. Isn't it neat. Love! Thanks for stopping by! Headed over to your blog.

  5. Love that marker collection. Have a great weekend!

  6. Your marker collection reminds me of my husband's pen collection. At least you've admitted the problem - he has not. :) Also, my mom has a pumpkin like that!

  7. Awww Joy in the wig! How cute! :) That pumpkin canister is so cute and how awesome that the memories will continue in your home! :)

  8. I love your bunk beds! I'm hoping my girls will be in them too in a few years :) Happy Friday!

  9. I must admit, your marker collection looks so fun - so many options! And, I love your pumpkin! I'm so ready for fall weather! Have a fantastic weekend! :)

  10. Cat @ MaryMarthaMama.comSeptember 6, 2014 at 8:47 PM

    Well, per number one... You're not a pack-rat, you're a teacher. From one teacher to another, I just see a drawer of much needed supplies!

  11. Pens and markers don't count! I'm antipackrat myself, but I love to have a bunch of writing implements. And, I love that pumpkin!

  12. Some things are worth pack ratting! You never know when the baby is going to eat the last marker just when you needed one most. :-) Very cute wig!!!!!!!


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