Oh Hey, Friday!


HEY FRIDAY!...and welcome FALL!

chalkboard art is all ready for the season...

The ladies from my church went on a little retreat and it was a much needed time of rest, fellowship, and communion with the Lord.

Did y'all get to check out my beach pics?  Click HERE to take a look.

Who's ready for the fall line-up?

I apologize in advance for the "battle-wound pic"...

This is what happens when you burn yourself with hot glue and wipe the glue off with the other hand.  OUCH!   It's healing very slowly.

Our little link party is doing really well!!  Please join us this Wednesday by linking-up a recent post of your choosing.  Click HERE to check out this week's link-up.

That's all I got!  I hope everyone enjoys the weekend and this lovely fall weather!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the beach!

  2. I love your chalkboard art! OUCH, that blister looks really painful!! Hope it heals up quick!

  3. Oh that pic doesn't even do my finger justice--SO MUCH PAIN and crying! :)

  4. Ugh, those blisters make me hurt! Hot glue can be mean. :o))

    Happy, happy weekend!

  5. So happy I found your blog through the link up! Love the chalkboard art...so cute! I've had many a hot glue gun injury, but never one that left a blister like those. Ouch!

  6. You are a pro at chalkboard art! Love it:) I need to remember to link up!!

  7. Ahhh!!! Girlfriend! Those blisters :( hurts my heart for you - ow!!

  8. Fall TV! I just watched Parenthood last night. So sad this is the last season.

  9. Love your chalkboard!! Sorry about your hot glue gun wound. I've definitely had my share of those. Your beach pics look ah-mazing!! Makes me want to head to the coast. Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. I LOVE your blog too and thank you SO much for the sweet message ;) You also have a new follower <3 Have a great weekend

  11. OUCH! That burn blister looks painful...I've rubbed hot glue away with fingers many times...Maybe I shouldn't do that anymore! Love your fall chalkboard! :)

  12. Aww I just got my chalkboard ready for fall too! Your chalk art is profesh! And omg we have the same taste in TV shows, are you so sad that it is Parenthood's final season?

  13. How sad is that about Parenthood. It's such a good show!


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