Five on Friday

I'm linking up to FIVE on FRIDAY!!!  It's been a while.  Let's catch-up, shall we?

Have you entered What You Wish Wednesday's Fall giveaway?  It's too easy and you'll be entered to win a $50 Target card!!!  Free money, y'all!!!

I've been real busy lately with a new little venture.  I've started a really humble photog business... 

Click HERE to check it out.


Because of the new business venture, my time has been stretched thin.  The other day, I had a few hours to kill and ceased the opportunity to set up my Christmas tree!  *judge not, lest you be judged*  Normally, I like to watch White Christmas while putting up the tree, but this year I watched all of The Office Christmas episodes.  I love me some Michael Scott.

Here's a little sneak peek (terrible phone pic).  I'm loving the tartan plaid!!!!!

Y'all enjoy these cooler temps and have a wonderful weekend!!!! 


  1. Leslie, I am so excited for you about your new photography adventure. Your pictures are always so beautiful!

    I am now thinking about putting up my tree before Thanksgiving. I have NEVER done that before, but I do have a new tree, so I'm kind of excited.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Your tree looks gorgeous!! I'm taking some product photos of my Christmas line this weekend so I'll be busting out some Christmas stuff too, maybe not the tree yet lol. Congrats on starting your photography business! That's very exciting. Good luck!

  3. So exciting that you're starting a business! Congrats!
    I wish I could see your tree but the pictures won't load on this computer for some reason. :( I'm sure it's beautiful though! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. All the best in your new business venture!

    Our Cmas decor will be very limited this year as we are packing and preparing to move in a few months. I will put up a pretty tree and that will be it.

    Happy weekend!

  5. Yay for your new business! You will be an amazing photographer! I love your Christmas tree! Simply gorgeous!!!

  6. Thanks, Lea. Yes...with moving, it'll be more difficult to do more than a Christmas tree.

  7. Hmm...don't know why! I'll post more pics later.

  8. Do much fun to get ready for Christmas! My most fave time of the year.

  9. Thanks, Nikki! We shall see...I'm nervous and excited.

  10. Not surprisingly, your tree is beautiful!! And I'm totally with you, I love me some Michael Scott!

  11. Your tree is gorgeous! No judgement here. Mine is up, yet still naked. Getting there =)


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