We Do the Elf Thing *gasp*

I feel as if we live in an overly critical day and age.  Here we are trying to be the best parents we can be and sometimes our convictions on parenting come across judgmental towards others.  Maybe it's just my perception, but I feel particularly bombarded by it this time of year. 

Case in point:

The other night, I was with some of my CC moms and we were chatting.  A question was posed, "Do y'all do the elf thing?"  The first thing out of my mouth, "Yes, but let me explain."  WHY? Why, was that my first response?  Later I said, "I mean, he doesn't report to Santa or anything.  It's just for fun."  To which one of the moms piped up and said, "Ours reports to Santa."  Good for her, I thought.

And so it goes. 

I think hyper-critical parenting is all heightened by social media.  The world gets to see little snippets of our lives and that's it.  With one little picture on Instagram, tweet, or status update, we make snap judgments.  We all do it.   

So here it is, even though I don't need to explain...but because I do....

We do Santa--on our terms (click HERE if interested). We do the elf--on our terms.  We give gifts at Christmas, and birthdays, and Valentines, and Halloween, and as often as we can.  Jesus gives us gracious gifts daily of which we don't deserve! And those gifts we give--my kids tire of them eventually.  I think that's a good lesson on how things of this world pass away. ;)

Oh...and my baby sleeps on her stomach! Gasp! 

*jumping off my soapbox and putting the elf back on the shelf *

> > > > > > > > > > > > < < < < < < < < < < < <

After Thanksgiving our elf, Bernard, will jump back up on the shelf and I will have more ideas coming your way.  For now, here are some of Bernard's past shenanigans...

click HERE for 25 elf on the shelf ideas

click HERE for more ideas

I'd love to try out some of your ideas so share them in the comment section!


  1. Love this. I couldn't agree more but I have also felt the same exact way. Oh the mommy wars can really get going at Christmas time :(. Maybe this year I won't feel the need to justify my actions to someone who I have no reason to!

  2. What a great post Leslie, and so right on. I think it's all about keeping the proper perspective in all of these things and you are doing just that and so are both of my children with my Grans. Hugs to you!

  3. I love this! Everyone needs to do what fits them and their families. No two are the same:)

  4. I hate the elf...and Santa. But mostly because I think they're creepy. But my baby sleeps on his tummy too, and has crib bumpers, and yeah. :)

  5. I guess I don't really understand the whole back story behind the elf, but I agree, we are so critical of each other. We may say all the time "do what works for your family!" but when it comes down to it, if that differs from what WE do, then we judge them as being wrong. There are so many things that are just subjective and don't have a hard and fast rule. Some things do, but most do not. I almost didn't post a picture of LB on Instagram sleeping in his car seat the other night because his chest clip was too low and I was afraid somebody would call me out on it or secretly think I was a bad mom. LOL. Finally, I decided to get over it and post the cute picture!

  6. I love your transparency, Chelsea! I know the feeling exactly.

  7. Thanks, Lea. There are just too many critical folks out there ready to pounce on parents that are trying their best.

  8. Mommy wars are ridiculous and make me want to SCREAM! Don't feel like you need to justify. Follow your convictions.

  9. This is wonderful and refreshing. It's so hard when you read something and instantly feel judged for how you do things. We all have different methods and ideas and can learn from each other! Ahhh my 2nd child would only sleep on his stomach so goodness yes tummy sleeper he was! I'm learning that we have to do what works for our family. Thanks for sharing!


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