Merry Christmas Home Tour | Kitchen & Entryway

Welcome back to my Merry Christmas Home Tour.  Today, I'm sharing the Christmas cheer around my kitchen and entryway...

The little drop-off station in the kitchen by the back doors: I just added a little holly to the shelf.  For me, it's the little things.

 looking into the kitchen from the entryway

 more real holly, tartan ribbon, pinecones, and cinnamon sticks

updated chalkboard art

*Speaking of chalkboard art, leave me some feedback in the comment section about chalk pens.  I've only ever used regular white chalk and I'm curious about the pens.  Clean up? Real chalk look? 

kitchen table

This year, I got a smaller tree for the entryway and used some Quikrete to cement the base of the tree in an old planter.  I like the way it turned out, but it sure is heavy!! :)  I also added some big bulbed colored lights for a little pop.  

After several years of trying to find the identity of our oddly shaped entryway, we've finally found ways to make it useful.  Now, it's one of the most occupied places in our home.  Our girls eat meals and have school at the table and it's just off of the kitchen which make it easy and useful!

Our nativity sits on the shelf by the front door.  We were given this special nativity as a wedding gift.

The girls love having the tree right next to their table during meals and school!  I do, too!

The home tour continues tomorrow!  See you then!

*don't forget to leave me that feedback on the chalk pens!


  1. Gorgeous tour...I am sooo behind... Christine from Little Brags

  2. Just so, so pretty and I have never heard of the chalk pens but sure am interested in finding out about them. Chalk is dirty, so a pen would sure be neat and clean.

  3. I stopped in from Quite Simply (http://quitesimply-sgjeffries.blogspot.com/2014/11/joy-christmas-decor.html). Love your home, I haven't posted my home tour yet, still tweaking a few things after a week of travel. (I too am married to a minister!) Sorry, enough chatter.

    I like chalk for general chalk art, I just prefer the look. I use the markers for things in my pantry that are handled daily. I really don't like the look and if left for a long time can leave a permanent shadow or stain if you will.

  4. ooh I love all the little touches! I don't know anything about chalk pens though. Our nativity is one of my faves to bring out. My neighbor growing up brought it back to the family from Israel. Aria was just rearranging it this evening...aka making the animals slide down the stable. I was hovering parroting be careful be careful =)

  5. I absolutely LOVE your decorations! You make me want to decorate more of my home. You are a wonderful decorator. Beautiful!

  6. Ohh your home is gorgeous and I love all of your décor!

  7. How beautiful and cozy! I'm pretty sure it's a happy place full of laughter and conversation! I love the color palate, too!

  8. Thanks so much, Sarah Ann!!! We are thoroughly enjoying it!!!

  9. Kristy, thanks for such a wonderful compliment!

  10. Thanks, Courtney! I love special things around our homes--they have meaning.

  11. Headed to check out your blog, Susan!! Can't wait to see your home tour! Thanks for the input on the pens.

  12. Thanks for stopping in, Christine!! Can't wait to see your home! It's so beautiful always!


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