Five on Friday

I'm ending my blogging week by linking up with my 5 on Friday post!

On Monday, we gave our family presentation at Classical Conversations.  We have really enjoyed CC this year.  If you or someone you know is thinking about taking the plunge, feel free to email me.  I'd love to share our experience with you.

It's been cold, cold here in East Texas.  We've been burning a lot of fires in the fireplace.  One of the pluses to homeschooling is math by the fireplace...

Our little Joyful is on.the.go!!!!  She's a'movin' and a'shakin'!  I walked in the living room and my heart sank--I couldn't find her.  Finally, I spotted her sneaky, little self peering at me from under the piano.

I said it's been cold in East Texas--lots of time spent inside.  We broke out the play-doh; translated:  a neat-freak's nightmare, but a child's dream.  So...I've caved a little these days.

This week on the blog, I linked up the TOP TEN posts of 2013.  If you missed them, click HERE and take a look around.


2013 Top Ten

Recently, I was glancing over my blog stats for 2013 and decided to compile a top ten list of your favorite posts of the year.  Here goes...

Makeshift Office:  I turned a small portion of our master closet into an office nook for Graham.

 Kelsey + Josh:  a mini photo-shoot with my sister and bro-in-law

What's the Fuss all About:  voicing my frustrations with the "Mommy Wars" including my take on Babywise

To Each of My Girls:  a letter to each of my babies

 Maternity Photos:  photos from my maternity shoot with my friend and amazing photographer, Ashley

$6 Chair Makeover: a Goodwill chair makeover

She's Here:  our sweet little Joy Tatum's arrival

Her Nursery: pictures of Joy's room

Christmas Home Tour: 2013 Christmas Home Tour link-up

31 Days of Balance as a Homeschool Mom: a series in which I wrote a post a day for the month of October on finding balance as a homeschool mom

I look forward to another year of blogging and connecting.  My SIXTH year! Thanks for reading, y'all!


CC Pictures

AG is in Classical Conversations.  It's our first year and we have thoroughly enjoyed it.  Her tutor is a photographer and took "school pics" of the kids in the fall.  I'm behind on posting them, but better late than never, right?!
AG's class: 6-7year olds


Five on Friday

WOW!  This is my third week in a row to jump on the 5 on Friday bandwagon.  That's commitment, people!

*Disclaimer: If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably caught on to my system of using my phone pics as my Five on Friday post.  Sorry for the repeat.

The AAP would have a field day with my 8 month old's sleeping habits.  No matter where I lay her down in the crib, she ends up like this...

I've got two very stylish sisters that gave me very fashionable gifts for Christmas:  Casey gave me the beautiful cream sweater with beaded shoulders--LOVE!  Kelsey gave me the wonderful fur collar that keeps me warm, cozy, and cute!

Like everyone with little girls, we have the FROZEN soundtrack on repeat.   I'm to the point that I get a little nauseous at the sound of "Let it Go".  Can I get an AMEN!?

The girls saw the movie over Christmas, but I had to miss it.  Last weekend, I took them to see it.  It is adorable and such a great movie for sisters!

headed to FROZEN

One of the sweetest things about my Rosebud is her desire to help around the house.  This week, I noticed her supplies placed neatly next to mine.  She never leaves my side on cleaning day.

It snowed in East Texas, y'all!  It was just a light dusting, but it was wonderful.  Graham made a roaring fire, the girls read to us in the living room, and we listened to some good ole' folk tunes.  It was kind of perfect.

I blogged about family, photography, decorating, and HIM this week--a well rounded blogging week.  Did you catch the posts?


Winter Pics

I love taking pics of my girls.  If nothing else, it's fun to get them dressed-up and have some practice using my camera.  It's always nice when I actually get some good shots.  Keep in mind, I typically take 300+ pics and end up with 5-10 decent ones.  I was pleased with this little impromptu shoot.
All three looking at the camera? CHECK  All three semi-smiling? CHECK, CHECK
Edy Rose

 Ava Grace

 Joy Tatum
 It'll do.
This pic captures my Edy and AG perfectly.  Edy = happy-go-lucky, AG = melancholy, and both = beautiful.
 Joy's sweet face gets me every time!
best. friends.
Now it's time for me to order some new prints and update the frames around the house.

Dear Harper


Happy Birthday, Edy Rose

Today has been a special day of celebration.  It's Edy Rose's FOURTH birthday.  

For a number of reasons, we typically throw birthday parties every other year.  This year was an "off" year, so we had a small family celebration. It was perfect.

Edy handled all of the details regarding her celebration:
  • lemon Nothing Bundt Cake
  • lunch at the Tea Room
  • Frito chili pie for dinner

Her request were simple enough!

I added some decorations to her lemon bundt cake.

For lunch, we went to the Tea Room and enjoyed lunch and some yummy desserts.

Dinner was a crowd pleaser--Frito chili pie just as Edy requested.

The mail ran late, but what a treat when it arrived!  A special birthday package from Gran, Na, Pops, and Mamaw of money, clothes and My Little Pony Equestria Girls.  Thanks, y'all!

I have the feeling that Edy had a good day.  It was special and meaningful.

Past Birthdays:
Third Birthday


Our lives were forever changed on a cold, January day in 2010!  Our sweet, spunky, lively, beautiful, Edy Rose was born.

 Edy is our very clumsy girl. :)  Over Christmas, she fell and knocked out a front tooth! Oh well!  It gives her even more character.


You keep us on our toes! You keep us laughing!  You never stop talking and we love hearing what you have to say.  You are an absolute dear to me.  Happy, happy birthday.  I look forward to celebrating your special day.

I love you,