The Evolution of Our Schoolroom

I've never been one to leave stuff alone!  Like ever!!!  After I "finish" a room Graham asks his age-old question, "How long will it stay this way?"  I can never know for sure how long I'll keep a space one certain way.  If you visit my home, chances are it'll look different from your previous visit.  That's me!  I was the kid who rearranged her bedroom once a month--just ask my parents! It's not that I'm constantly spending money to re-do things, but I move stuff around often, add, take-away, sell stuff, replace stuff...change!  There are a number of reasons why rooms change around here, but mainly it's to better fit our needs.  That's especially true for our office/schoolroom.

First time around:  I painted my childhood desk, painted the walls brown, and added some personal touches. At the time, I thought I really liked it and I probably did.  Now...not so much! :)  These pics make me cringe just a little!

Take two: I repainted the walls to lighten the space up, added the girls' desks, purchased some shelving from IKEA, and prepared the room for our homeschooling adventure.

Take three: I added my Instagram photos to the "H" and a few more school items.

And presently... 
I rearranged the room by moving the desk and shelving.

We purchased another bookshelf from IKEA.

I moved our filing cabinet from the closet to the office.  Man, I sure wish it was tan and not black! That's sure to change!! :)

It just makes sense that our files are next to my desk.  Before, I would walk across the house to file things away or grab papers that I needed--not user-friendly at all.

I added some IKEA curtains that had stashed in the attic.

 I added one of Mamaw's little frames to my desk.

 I'm still loving my Instagram pics displayed on the "H".

I added more organizational bins!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to organize!!!!!

Like I said earlier, things are ever-changing around here.  Case in point: the entryway is now on it's 210th look!!!  It's morphed too many times to count and now it serves as a workplace for the girls!!  I'll be posting about the "new" table (and make-over) and entryway re-do in the coming weeks.

 Are you a "decorate and leave it alone" person? Or, are you like me? Do you change it up often?  

Be warned:  This room is sure to change again!!  I'll be sure to keep you posted when it does!


Five on Friday

After about a month break from Five on Friday, I'm glad to be back!
Monday was a SAD day around here...I ran out of my beloved Aromatique: The Smell of Christmas.  It's my absolute favorite smell.  all.year.long.

These are the kinds of love notes my husband leaves me...

The best part of waking up... is a fresh pot of coffee!

This week, I got the best deal!!!  I have been wanting a 7X10 rug for my living room.  I came across a beautiful rug at Target marked down from $159 to $79.  I was really happy with the clearance price so I snagged it. Low and behold, when I checked out, it rang up for $44! How awesome is that?  One day in the future, it will look nice on some hard, dark, floors!  A girl can dream!

Look who's standing strong...

She'll be ONE next week! ONE???!!!

Earlier this week, I mentioned changing up the Happy Hostess Link Party.  I'm looking for a few more blogs to host the link party every other Monday.  If you would be interested in helping with this link party, let me know by sending me an email.  
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Easter Through the Years


Easter through the Years

Easter Through the Years...

2008: AG's first Easter
2009: I couldn't find a picture of our family for 2009, but I did find a pic of Graham with AG and me with AG.
2010: Edy's first Easter and our last Easter in Arkansas
2011: I suffered a miscarriage the day before Easter and was sad, but we had a wonderful Easter celebration with our church family and I was filled with joy!  Amazingly, it remains one of my favorite Easters to date.
2012: We had been trying for over a year to conceive and still had six or more months before we would finally get the good news we had been hoping and praying for!
2013: One of our final family pics before Joy's arrival--she arrived five weeks later!
2014: Joy's first Easter!

Resurrection Sunday 2014

As always, we had a wonderful Easter. Great time of worship with the body of Christ, great fellowship with friends and family, and great food!!!

This was Joy's first Easter and I loved seeing her basket sitting next to her big sisters'!

I love this pic of my FIVE family mainly because it reminds me to be thankful and give Him the glory for everything! *more to come in an upcoming post!

Our Easter lunch was just perfect. We got to enjoy it with family and some of our close friends.  I shared our Easter table setting and menu here.

Love's Lookout egg hunt

Can you tell the girls were coming down from a sugar high at this point?

Good friends reunited! 

Coming up:  Easter through the years!


Easter Table Setting

Today, I am sharing my Easter table setting...

I enjoy using my china.  There's just something wonderful about a nice table setting!

One thing I look for every time I shop antique stores is vintage linens/napkins.  I really like the special touch they add to my table.

Graham's Mamaw gave me a bunch of her hand-stitched items. I layered them all over the table!

I let AG and Edy set the "kid's table".  My little 'hostesses in training' did a great job!

Menu: Easter egg salad, relish tray, fruit salad, roast, potatoes, carrots, and lemon bundt cake

 Gouda was good-a!

Easter Egg salad was a hit!! It's an old family recipe so I can't share, but trust me...it's GREAT!!!  Pinterest would be all about this stuff!!!
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