Toddler Bed Time...

My baby has climbed out of her bed three times.  Fortunately, the first two times she got away uninjured.  The final time, she hit her chin and bit her tongue.  So...this happened...
We took the front piece off of her bed to convert it to a toddler bed.  I was nervous about this new little adventure, but so far Joy has taken to this change perfectly.  She has not gotten out of her bed and she is sleeping just fine.  

not quite 21 months old and sleeping in a toddler bed
my reaction: WAH!!! WAH!!!!

This blog has proven GREAT for keeping records of my babies.  I was racking my brain trying remember when AG climbed out of her crib.  I went back through the trusty archives and located it...

AG sleeping in her toddler bed.  Just one month shy of 2 years old.

Edy never climbed out of her bed, but we converted it right around her second birthday.

I loved looking through these pics at their unique and individual nurseries.  I also think it's funny how to this day AG and Joy are belly sleepers and Edy sleeps on her back.  One more thing to note, AG and Edy were still sleeping with their pacifiers when they moved to a toddler bed, while Joy has yet to take one...ever.


  1. Did you paint their crib or get the same style in different colors. I love their nurseries!! I still cant believe Joy is almost 2, time flies but yes, you do have this beautiful blog that has kept a very good record of the milestones your kiddos have reached

  2. Love your nursery! You have a beatiful blog!

  3. BD used to lean forward on the bar, but doesn't anymore. She has never tried to climb out… but I think we are still planning to convert when we move.

  4. Same crib...just stain the second time and paint the third time. Cannot believe she's almost 2 either. WAH!!!!

  5. It's crazy how fast they change and start exploring!

  6. Love these reflections!


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