Five on Friday

It's FIVE on FRIDAY time!!!  
**great quality phone pics headed your way...


Never been much for bathroom selfies, but they are great for wardrobe advice from good friends.




Remember me telling y'all about Joy climbing out of her baby bed, us converting it to a toddler bed, and how she is doing great with the change???  Remember that?  SCRATCH THE LAST PART!  She's found a new freedom and it's about to kill me!!  MY WILL IS STRONGER!!!!!!!  I put her back in her bed 12, TWELVE!!!!, times at nap the other day.  She doesn't get out of her bed at all during the night (probably because it's pitch black), but naptime is another story!!


I haven't posted about homeschooling in a while...

It's going great!!!  I love my job more and more each day!  AG and Edy are doing so good--growing as little learners day after day!  I am seeing these classical methods paying off and it's so rewarding.  


My little photog business is still going well.  I'm slowly finding my niche.  I don't see myself as the seasonal mini-sesh type.  It's too much work and too fast pace for my lifestyle.  I really enjoy the family and kids sessions!  I have gotten to know some wonderful people and I'm steadily slowly growing as a photographer.  Check out my site HERE.

Processing orders for clients is fun--especially with my new logo, name, and packaging!!

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Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

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  1. Oh I love Jenga, haven't played that in ages! Your girls are too cute, so glad that homeschooling is going well for y'all! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. The photos of the kiddos are absolutely adorable! They are beautiful and you do a great job of capturing their personalties.

  3. 12 times, oh my, that is definitely a test of the wills. I've always heard Jenga was so much fun. Wishing you continued growth in your photography business. Happy weekend!

  4. So glad to hear your photography business is finding it's groove, how exciting! If you only lived closer!!

  5. Oh...I know, Aimee!!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. She's a strong willed little girl! But...so is her momma!!!

  7. It's going so good, Julia! Jenga is so much fun!


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