five on friday

*I made this one...couldn't resist*

Instead of reading about the blue and black dress, how about you read about things of real significant importance.

For starters...


How cute is my new mug?

It's so posh and gorgeous.  Except...*drumroll please*...it's not dishwasher safe.  STRIKE ONE!  That gold is really 18k gold plate and I stuck it in the microwave and sparks started flyin'.  STRIKE TWO!! So...this pretty little mug is holding pens in my office!!  Ain't nobody got time for that!


I forgot to show y'all what Graham gave me for Valentine's day...

A big ole' ruler!  

He gets me! I've been wanting to make one of these for a long time, but when we saw them at Kirkland's for less than I could make one he secretly purchased it and surprised me!!

Can you zoom in and see my height versus Graham's?  I like 'em tall!  Just him.  I like him tall!

AG snapped this pic of us on Valentine's day.  


I've seen one too many snow pics on FB and I've been getting a little perturbed.  We never get snow here in East Texas.

I wrote this on my outside chalkboard at Christmas.  We laughed at it in mid-January when the girls were outside...in shorts...jumping on the trampoline...in 75+ degree weather.

Then, it got real cold on Sunday night...

Graham and I dozed off in our chairs by the fire.  I know...we have our own chairs and that makes us an old married couple.


And then....

It SNOWED!!!!!!

You can read more about our snow day HERE.  

And before y'all comment about how sick you are of snow--spare me!!!  I get it!  You've gotten more snow than you know what to do with.  We just got this weak little dusting, but we were SO happy to see the white stuff!!


Did y'all see Joy's room makeover?  My baby is out of her crib and in a twin bed and I'm not too happy about it, but it had to be done.

Click HERE to see her new bed and room make-over!

Y'all have a great weekend.  Keep warm!!!

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  1. Love your mug but I so get not wanting to use it to drink out of if it's that high maintenance! I don't drink my hot drinks fast enough so they usually have to be popped in the microwave a time (or two) before I'm done! Why would they make mugs that can't go in the microwave?? I like 'em tall, too, my hubby is 6'5"! :)

  2. Cat @ MaryMarthaMama.comFebruary 27, 2015 at 4:55 PM

    You are so funny! Do you know why some people are seeing the dress as blue/black? I clicked on an article that said it explained why but it didn't, so I'm totally curious.

  3. Christina SotherdenFebruary 27, 2015 at 5:18 PM

    I have a mug just like that holding pens in my office
    too! It’s the perfect desktop accessory.

    Happy you got your snow!!

  4. Yes, no time for a mug that can't go in the dishwasher or microwave, but it sure is pretty. Glad you all have enjoyed the snow. Me, not so much, longing for Spring. This wet, cold weather is making me seasonably sad. :o)))

  5. I can't believe you went fro 75 degree weather to snow, we can't even get snow here and it is often in the inus figures! Mich x


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