Joy's Big Girl Bed

A few weeks ago, I posted about Joy Tatum climbing out of her crib, scaring us to death by biting her tongue, and how we converted her baby bed into a toddler bed.  Click HERE to read more.  

Here's her nursery...
I had every intention on keeping her in the baby bed until she was two or older, but she had other plans.  

She was doing fine with her toddler bed, except she got up a lot during naptime before finally going to sleep.  But honestly, toddler beds stress me, seem unfinished, and are too transitional to for my taste.  Weird as it sounds, I prefer something more permanent. 

That being said, I painted my old childhood bed, found a used Pottery Barn quilt on eBay, and moved her to a "big girl" bed.  It's killing me that my baby is in a big bed.  I'm not just saying that.  I mean it!  I wish she was still in her crib and I'd set it back up tomorrow if I knew she'd stay in it!

Here's her new bed...
I think it's so neat that all three of my girls have transitioned from the crib to my childhood bed.  This is the second make-over I've given it and it actually "goes" with the armoire in the big girls' room. (The one I painted orange.)

I'm in love with the gently used patchwork quilt I found on eBay.  Eventually, we are going to put all three girls in a room together and I wanted something that would coordinate with the matching quilts on the big girls' bunk bed. 

In case you're wondering, we installed a hideaway railing that pulls out from under the mattress and it's safe and snug so she won't fall out.

Joy loves her little hand-me-down kitchen, too!  It has held up great and I think it's incredible how we can just pass stuff right on down the line!!!

So far she has taken this change with stride and seems to be liking her new bed!

**P.S.  I am selling the baby bed and the crib bedding if y'all know anyone in the East Texas area that'd be interested.  


  1. Cat @ MaryMarthaMama.comFebruary 26, 2015 at 6:46 PM

    My first born was 18 months when we had to do the transition so I feel you on the early transition thing! I'm really hoping our second son who is 18 months doesn't get any ideas about climbing any time soon. The room does look terrific, though!

  2. Absolutely precious and can't believe she was getting out of the crib already. Wow! Happy weekend!


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