five on friday


Our new floors require extra cleaning and the big girls have been fighting over the dust mop.  I wonder how long this will last?

The frustration is real...

It's flip flop season and my baby's toes are the cutest!!!!

My precious AG loves to read and occasionally she reads to baby sister before bed.  It's so sweet-- they're so sweet.

Have y'all been keeping up with my new home tour?  I've been slowly updating it since getting new flooring.  Click HERE to check out the tour.

This week, I shared Joy's new room.

We have a weekend filled with yard work, soccer games, and sniffing in the glorious, yellow, chalky, pollen (*insert sarcasm font*)!!!   Hope y'all have a great one!


  1. Fighting over cleaning the floor....yeah if only that would last!

  2. Well, looks like you have some budding "domestic engineers." How cute! Oh, those little toes, makes me want to squeeze them. And, big sister reading, just precious! Always brings a smile to my face when I stop by!

  3. I just love your daughter's bedroom!


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