Five on Friday

It's been a while...it's busy...isn't it always?  Anywho, I'm making the effort to post today.  Here's my Five on Friday.


This girl...

During naptime, I checked on Joy and found her sacked out with a book on her face and a dirty diaper in need of a change.  Of the three, she's been my lightest sleeper and I didn't want to wake her, but that poopy was so stinky.  It was a challenge, but I changed her and she slept peacefully for another hour!  Sweet success! 


Name this baby?

Me (Leslie) - 2 years old

I have a hard time seeing myself in my girls, but I really think that Joy looks a lot like me in this pic. What do you think?


I heard a frustrated little toddler screaming in her room and peaked around the corner to see her trying really hard to mount this tiny horse.

Joy Tatum, you are too much!


Homeschooling has smelled wonderful this week...

Our rose bush has lots and lots of beautiful buds and blooms.  


Since January, I have been going through the interview process, attending trainings, and getting all geared up to be the Classical Conversations director for our CC community in Tyler.  I am excited about this new journey, but more than anything I pray I will bring glory to His name in this new role. Please contact me if you have any interest in learning about CC or our community in Tyler, Texas!  

Happy Friday!!!!  


  1. None of us will say that we really fall asleep like your daughter too!
    She looks just like you!
    Love your blog... excited to get to know you!

  2. Oh, Leslie! So happy for you in your journey to be the CC director!
    I literally laughed until I cried seeing Joy try to sit on the horse and I think all your girls look like you in some aspects. I know they look like Graham also but each melded together made some darling babies!

  3. Such sweet, beautiful girls! We are CC homeschoolers as well. South Texas :) Blessings on your weekend. I have to go follow you everywhere now :D
    xoxox Sharon

  4. I love the sleeping with the book! So sweet. And props for sleep changing a dirty diaper. Not sure I've ever successfully done that haha.
    Beautiful roses!!! The tiny horse is too funny, Aria has tried to do something similar. Sorry hun it just doesn't work that well.

  5. That sleeping with the book on her face picture is so cute! I will admit, I do that too sometimes, except now I have an e-reader and it hurts when it hits, so I usually notice. ;) I totally see you in your daughter in those pictures you posted. No doubt there!

  6. Yes, Joy does look like her pretty Momma. Good luck with the CC Director!

  7. I love your striped wall over the home schooling table!! And how in the world did you change the baby's diaper without waking her?! I have 4 kids and don't think I've ever accomplished that.

  8. It wasn't easy, Leighann...very carefully! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Thanks so much, Lea! I am looking forward to the new job!

  10. I know! Isn't that funny! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  11. Isn't that so cute...funny!!!?! I couldn't believe I was able to change her without her waking up! Thanks for stopping in, Courtney!

  12. YAY!!! I love finding new CC folks!!! I just started following you on Instagram...I'm off to check out all of your other stuff too. I love CC and love connecting with other CC families!

  13. Thanks so much, Brittany!!! I am looking forward to it! I think they look a lot like Graham, too...that's why it was so funny when I ran across that pic--I thought she looked like me in that photo!

  14. Thanks so much for popping in, Carolyn!!! I added my post to the link-up! Looking forward to learning more about you, too!


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