Last week, I celebrated my 34th bday.  Per usual, Graham and the girls made it special...


CC End of the Year Celebration

A few weeks ago, we wrapped up our Classical Conversation's year with a big American-themed celebration...
 Our CC years are divided into three cycles and this year we focused on American history.

fine art on display

I loved looking at the older kids' (junior high and high schoolers) work.  This map was drawn completely by memory.  That's impressive!

Each class shared a section of memory work.  My class shared math.  Check out the video:
Apprentice EOY Celebration from Leslie Hale on Vimeo.


Five on Friday

Hey everybody!!!!  Jumping right in...

Graham's garden is doing great.  It's rained all month *for real*, but his plants are holding up.


Mother's Day...

 my momma and me

Well...we tried!

My Mother's Day gift:  New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp

I got a new planner!!!  Check out Plum Paper planners--inexpensive and personalized for the win!

Have y'all seen this site?

Graham sure is robbing the cradle!  JK!  I certainly don't look 22 and Graham looks good for 36...or 38!  **I'll be 34 on Monday.  That's not mid-30's is it?

Did y'all see my post about teaming up with Rodan + Fields?  Check it out HERE.  

My readers know that I'm a SAHM, director of Classical Conversations F/E (Tyler), and taking pics on the side. Y'all are probably like, WHAT?! Don't tell me you teamed up with Rodan + Fields, too! How are you going to add another thing? Here's the deal: it's not a lot of work and I get great skin care products and some compensation, too! I say, "Why not!!?" I am so thankful that the Lord has given me an opportunity to stay in the home, build relationships with people through discipleship and community, disciple my kiddos at home, and He's given me some extra time (not much, but some) to financially contribute in a few ways.  

I'm excited to join the Rodan + Fields team as a consultant--never thought direct sales would be in my wheelhouse, but the business plan is low-key and no-fuss (the way I like it). The products are phenomenal and that's the reason why people are excited about them--myself included! 

I'll end with this...
take me home, country road

It's rained and rained the whole month of May!  Everything is so green, but we haven't spent much time outdoors.  Hoping to get outside this weekend!  Have a great one!


Joy's Birthday Party

I've said it before, but we just can't afford to "party it up" for every single birthday.  Since having children, we've had a little system of "party ever other year" going.  Even on the "party" year, I don't alway throw a big shebang, but we do invite a few guests and celebrate a little more than the "off" years.  

I...ahem...I mean,  Joy had a big ole party last year for her first birthday.  Click HERE to check it out.

This year we did things low key with just our family of five!  

We have a little tradition of going out to breakfast on birthdays.  It's fun for the whole fam!

After breakfast, we came home and Joy opened all of the gifts that family shipped to her. 

It doesn't matter how "low-key" our parties are, I love setting a pretty table and making birthdays special for my girls.  Typically, I buy some cheap cookie cake or cupcakes, but this year I did things even cheaper.  I made the cake.  Don't everyone jump for joy at once!  But really, this was a big thing for me because I'm not one for baking.  I was proud of the end result.

Like every little girl, Joy loves ELSA.  So I did my best to make a "Frozen" cake...

And when I say, "I made the cake",  I mean,  I followed the directions on the box.

Blue Velvet vanilla cake with purple buttercream icing! WOW!  That's a crazy cake.  It actually tasted great!

This little shin-dig cost me less than $10.  She'll never know that I didn't spend a fortune!

The birthday girl showing off her new Frozen clothes (from Gran) and her new Frozen flip flops (from Mamaw).  
She pitched a good walleyed fit when I took off her "pitty" clothes.


Happy Birthday, Joy

Today is the day!  My baby's 2nd birthday!  I'm flabbergasted... my precious Joy Tatum is T-W-O!
first pics

After a miscarriage and then 18 months of infertility, it was especially exciting to find out the good news--we were going to become a family of 5!

 hospital pics

Joy Tatum arrived healthy and happy on May 6, 2013.  She was a precious bundle of JOY and so beautiful--still is!   My hospital stay was the best of my three deliveries.  I was able to keep Joy with me in recovery (c-section) and we've been "thick as thieves" ever since!  

newborn pics: Confetti Photography

I didn't have newborn pictures taken with the other two girls, so it was a special treat to have Joy's newborn stage captured in these lovely photos.

first birthday

I had a blast planning Joy's first birthday party:  A little birdie told me you are ONE!

random pics from year two

Happy birthday, Joy Tatum!  You fit your name...you are such a joy and I love you very, very much!