Happy Birthday, Joy

Today is the day!  My baby's 2nd birthday!  I'm flabbergasted... my precious Joy Tatum is T-W-O!
first pics

After a miscarriage and then 18 months of infertility, it was especially exciting to find out the good news--we were going to become a family of 5!

 hospital pics

Joy Tatum arrived healthy and happy on May 6, 2013.  She was a precious bundle of JOY and so beautiful--still is!   My hospital stay was the best of my three deliveries.  I was able to keep Joy with me in recovery (c-section) and we've been "thick as thieves" ever since!  

newborn pics: Confetti Photography

I didn't have newborn pictures taken with the other two girls, so it was a special treat to have Joy's newborn stage captured in these lovely photos.

first birthday

I had a blast planning Joy's first birthday party:  A little birdie told me you are ONE!

random pics from year two

Happy birthday, Joy Tatum!  You fit your name...you are such a joy and I love you very, very much!  




  1. Oh my goodness, she is SO precious!! Love her newborn pics! Happy Birthday to Joy!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sweet Joy Tatum!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Joy. So hard to believe its been 2 years.


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